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    Could any1 confirm this exists?

    Sry if i put this in the wrong section.

    2011-12 Crown Royale Scratching The Surface Signatures #23 Cody Hodgson
    If any kind sould could confirm that this card exists i would be glad.
    I`m going for this set and only need the Jagr and Hodgson.
    The Jagr i have missed a lot of times on ebay but the Hodgson i haven`t even seen yet.

    So,if you have a scan ore noledge of the card i would appresiate that!

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    Not sure on the hodgson but I think i saw a Jagr in the sale thread this morning (I think, it's pretty early)

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    Hodgson exists, I have one...I've only seen 2 on ebay...they go pretty quick...

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    Card does indeed exist!

    Major PC: Jonathan Toews
    Minor PC:Sasha Banks (WWE), Dylan Larkin, Jack Eichel
    Hidden Content /Hidden Content /Hidden Content

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    pur3strpker0 1000 THX!
    Now i only need to find 1 for me!

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