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    Well... New rims/tires now on my '11 XB!

    I dropped over 1K on some new tires and new rims for my 2011 scion Xb

    here are a couple of pics I took, I know the pics aren't perfect looking but you get the idea..

    Black on Black..

    Not even sure how I feel about them yet...


    A few people had asked me to post a picture once I had them on....
    LMK what ya think...


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    Right on bro. Glad to see you went with the 17's instead of 18's. Its amazing just how much 1" makes a difference in pricing. I think it looks good. Do you have a sound system installed?

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    Thanks bro! Yea, i'm glad I decided on the 17's.. much much cheaper..

    I have a pretty legit system in it, yea haha.

    Well over $1000... I think it was closer to 2grand lol


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    Oh wow, that's a lot! I have two 10" subs and one 300w amp. It's enough for me but nothing to brag about. What do you have?
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    Not bad, just tint the front windows and get some rain guards and you'll be all set :)

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    very nice rims bro, I prefer black over chrome.

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    Looks nice Cam!

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    I prefer chrome myself, but these actually work.. Looks awesome!

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