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    Unhappy Bad News. Any members in santa monica? Lost a pet. Any one can help?

    Lost my pet snake in santa monica. It escaped and went missing while outside in a big cage. It is a corn snake and is tan and pink with some white. If anyone is in or comes in santa monica and sees or hears about a snake, please message me. It is VERY friendly. I ALWAYS helding and let it go around me. Its about 5 FT long. Thank You for reading.

    message me here.

    Thanks guys... I am pretty shocked and sad. Had him since 2006, and never named him. Any info or help would be apritiated....

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    Have you tried putting an ad in your local newspaper?That might be more helpful than posting here.In here is a longshot.I wish you luck ~~Dave C.
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    if it somehow makes it way to Connecticut ill be sure to PM you!!
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    Sorry to hear about your missing pet. I hope and pray that you find it.
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    i dont think many people rescure strange 5 foot snakes they find. i wish you luck, probably best to contact animal control
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    My snake was found across the street! He was eatting very well. I am happy we got him back! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttmtrader101 View Post
    My snake was found across the street! He was eatting very well. I am happy we got him back! Thanks!
    Glad to hear you found your snake.
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