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    want 02-03 hhp class of jsys!!!

    lmk what you have? thanks, russ

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    I have this:

    -2002-2003 Hoops Hot Prospects Caron Butler/Yao Ming Class of ’02 Dual Jerseys (black, white/dark blue) seq. #ed 367/375 BV $60.00

    Like your:

    Honor Roll Prince auto jersey
    Marino Stadium Seats

    Also notice you like Kobe GUs...I have this:

    -2002-2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant Dual Warm-Ups (blue/purple) BV $150.00***

    Probably only trade for a GU of Jordan that may be around the same value, or a really really good offer.

    Both cards are in great condition...plan to send both for grading in the near future.


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