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    Have you ever sold a card and regretted it later?

    Have you ever sold a card and regretted it later?

    About a year ago I sold a 1996 Leaf Silver Signature auto card of Andy Pettitte. I wish I had that card cause now I love collecting autographs. I also sold a 1999 Topps Scott Rolen auto card and I wish I still had that one too...I would love to hear some stories similar to this!

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    Michael Vick 2001 Topps Stadium Club "Lone Star Signatures" Auto
    Sold it on the Bay for 50.00 Buy it Now :( The next week i got my beckett and it was 100.00 going ^ :(

    I didnt get burned as bad as it seems though because i won it on ebay for $34.00!

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    I sold a 1998 Pacific Platinum Blue Derek Jeter card worth $125 for about $30. Then I got an offer after I sold it for about $75.

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    Yeah, I sold about 30 1909-11 T206's that I had passed down to me. It was about a year before the Topps 206 set came out. If I would have waited just another year I would have made way more money. Now it's hard to get a T206 in just Fair shape for $20.

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    I sold a

    2002/03 Private STock Bouwmeester RC /99
    2002/03 SP Authentic Howe/Yzerman SOTT Dual auto /99
    Top Shelf Naslund auto
    Gaborik Bownman youngstars jersey
    TUrco BAP gold auto
    and some other autos

    all for the price of 160.00 canadian :( I was really hard up for cash at the time and didn't have a choice.

    But I am sure there wil be more great pulls in my life

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    I really don't sell cards that I wish I had back or at least can't think of any of them.

    But I do have a regret of NOT BUYING a card.

    When Derek Jeter was just a rookie in his first year a card shop that I go to had his rookie for $25 with a 50% discount.

    I could have had it for $12.50.

    I didn't get it because I thought the hype would die down and that I could get it cheaper.

    Well that didn't work and I haven't seen one in my area for under $75 now.

    BTW I'm moving this to the General Sports Card Forum. Great Topic BTW.
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  8. #8 whole vintage collection of cards....sold them back in 93 for about $2,000 (BV was approx $25,000). Had some SWEET cards, but had to take care of other things, and that was something that had to go.....

    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor, Mario Manningham, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz Auto's

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    This isnt really a sell..........a trade and i dont like talkin bout it but i traded a 2002 prospect premiers XRC scott kazmir auto for a denny martinez gu jersey bv $10......the next day i saw kazmir was $100!! i cried for three days straight :(

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    BlackDiamond and Sportscollector, those are 2 of the saddest stories I have ever heard. I would have been furious if I had done that. That is why I don't like trading unless I know the BV.

    I haven't really had any experiences like that.
    The only one I can think of was selling a Topps 2001 Ichiro rookie along with a Hee seop Choi rookie for buy it now of $20.00
    I kindof wish I had the Ichiro rookie back but hey.
    I sold less than $20 worth of cards for $20 and that doesn't even include shipping. Like I said, I haven't had any experiences like that.

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