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    Secret Service Busted for Prostitution Scandal

    I don't know what to think of it. I really don't care what they do, but it's just so dumb on their part, and makes Obama look bad (even though it's not his fault at all).
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    like I said on the nugent thread between ted and hookers do they have time for anything else and yes this shows how tight obamas ship is
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    up to 12 ss agents and 11 military men

    this might rip wide open
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    I don't think this makes Obama look bad at all. Anyone that wants to use this as something to complain about Obama is stretching to do so.

    From the story I read this basically all happened over $60 that they refused to pay the girl. Seems a bit much to risk for those agents. Heads will definitely roll and have already started.
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    Monumentally dumb.
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