Welcome to the SCF 2012 MLB Guess The Score (GTS) Contest. For full rules and how to play, click here, but for simplicity’s sake the following is the summary of what you need to know on how to play.

Simply post your guess for the outcome (winning team & score) of today’s chosen matchup. The daily winner will receive 25 Card Cash (CC) with the user winning the most daily competitions receiving a grand prize of 500CC at the end of the season!

All posts should include your pick of the winning team and the score, ie. Toronto Blue Jays 3-2

The winner will be the member that guesses not only the winning team but whose guess is also closest to the final score of the game. Unlike The Price is Right (have your pets spayed or neutered!), over-guessing and under-guessing are worth same amount here, so guesses of 4 and 6 are both the same distance away from an actual score of 5.

In the event no one correctly guesses the winning team and exact score, a series of tie-breakers will be used, which are fully explained at the aforementioned link.

This contest is open to all members of SCF!

All entries must be posted by the game’s stated starting time - any posts submitted after the game has started will not be counted.
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You may edit your posts before the game begins, but once the game has started no editing of posts will be permitted. Posts edited after the game has begun (all edits on SCF are time-stamped) will be disqualified. Please make a note in your post that you have made an edit.

Each unique score is taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please read through and search the thread to make sure your preferred score prediction hasn’t already been taken. If someone posts your guess before you, you may simply edit your post with another guess before game time.
That’s the rules! Have fun, and good luck to all entrants!