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    I did buy a 5 card lot of Tom Brady Leaf Limited Patch Autos #d/12 one time for almost $1,100. Then I sold 4 of them separately and got around $1,400 together. I was still able to keep a 3 color patch auto #d 1/12. But the most I've ever spent on one single card was around $725 for a triple auto #d/25 of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James.

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    paid around 225 for this

    also paid 200 for one of these and 210 for the other. two 1/1 forte nt autos.

    now i find myself trying to sell the fortes ...

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    Bought a 2004-05 SP something-er-rather dual auto of Dwight Howard (RC) and Kevin Garnett S/N 21/25 (Garnett's uniform number) for $100 on ebay. I think the second most I've paid was $60-65 for something on here, but I don't recall what that way - another Garnett auto, I'm sure.

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    paid $10 for a double patch of Tony Gonzalez one patch chiefs one falcons /50, sucks that the falcons patch has no red my favorite card tied with my favorite auto. I paid $30 for a authentic Reggie White autographed card. thats the most I have spent for 1 card. Now looking for a Tony G auto
    Looking for Atlanta Falcons cards GO FALCONS! Hidden Content
    Also looking for star NBA and NFL players jersey and auto cards
    If Iam slow to reply to post and pms Iam a freshman in college and I don't live on the computer

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