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    FS/FT 2003-2012 (wheels,eclipse,premium,stealth,TM

    I recently purchased a large box of commons, inserts and a small amount of serial numbers from another collector. I’m working on completing sets for my own collection, but will be looking to mainly sell or possibly trade any extras. It looks like the majority of the cards are from 2003 – present (wheels, eclipse, premium, stealth and TM), but I haven’t gone through them all yet. If you’re looking for a particular driver or looking to complete some older sets, let me know who you’re looking for.

    I store my cards by card # and set, so if you’re looking for a particular driver it will help if you know the card number to make it easier to find.

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    Do you know what base of Johnny and 2010 stealth you need?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joeyfan20 View Post
    Don't need any Logano base, what about Johnny Sauter forgot to ask. I need a few base of him. And I need some 2010 stealth base

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    Quote Originally Posted by a48jjfan View Post
    do you have any Jimmie johnson ?
    Yes I do, do you have a list of what you need?

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