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    Talking Writing contest new edition!$100 to win towards a box on!

    Once more, we have decided to encourage our members to get writing by launching a writing contest. Up for grabs is $100 towards a box of cards on The best submissions will also be featured in SCF's very own online magazine, Collector's Corner:

    Here are the topics you can chose from for this edition of the contest:

    – NHL fans: Apparently there is a new potential buyer for the Phoenix Coyotes. What do you think? Should the NHL call it a day in the desert?
    – NFL Fans: This week, we heard about Junior Seau’s passing…What are your thoughts on this sad news and the fact that he apparently decided to end it all but preserve his brain so it could be donated for concussion research?
    – NHL fans: As the playoffs progress, the offseason is fast approaching. Tell us which team is your favorite and what you expect them to do in the offseason. From personnel change to draft day decisions and trades, tell us all about it and we’ll see how much of it comes true.
    – NFL Fans: After the bounty gate, where do the Saints go from here?
    – MLB Fans: How do you like your team so far? Who do you think will win it all?
    – MLB Fans: You’ve all see Riviera’s injury, do you believe it is the end of the line for him or can he come back?
    – NHL fans: How important is discipline in a team? Recently both Andrei Kostistyn and Alexander Radulov were scratched from important playoffs games for missing the curfew, was the coach right to do so?
    – WWE fans: What would you do with Brock Lesnar now?
    – Non sport collections: Do you have an impressive DVD collection? What’s in it? What are you favorite movies and why? Any TV shows that you just had to get the box set of?
    – And as usual, create your own topic! You can write about anything sports or collecting related!

    Each article will receive 250 CC (as long as it is well written and spell checked)

    The winning article will be chosen by the editor in chief, the following criteria will be observed when choosing a winner:
    the quality of the English
    the originality
    the visual support (pictures, graphics, etc…)
    the coherence of the author

    1. Simply write any articles about the ten topics mentioned above

    2. Your article must have a minimum of 700 words

    3. Grand prize winner will receive $100 toward a box on

    4. All qualified entries will receive 250 CC for their work (unless the article is poorly written and obviously not spell checked)

    5. All submissions must be spell checked and posted as a new thread in the article submission forum: . In the thread title include your article title and the words CONTEST ENTRY.
    Example: The Future of the Hobby – CONTEST ENTRY

    6. The deadline to submit your article is on July 31st at 5.00 PM EST.

    7. Open to ALL members to include SCF Staff (except for the Editor-in-Chief and the site owner who can submit articles but not win the prize)

    8. You can write as many articles as you wish!


    1. You must be a member in good standing to enter (No unexpired infractions worth 5 points or more)

    2. The article must be your own original work - using something written by someone else will result in disqualification

    3. The article you use must be brand new - you cannot use an article which you previously submitted for the articles site

    4. Add pictures to your article - it helps getting your message across it’s not an obligation but it can help

    1. Each article will be edited and posted on the SCF articles website. They will become SCF’s property.

    2. The best articles received will be featured in the upcoming edition of Collector’s Corner, SCF online magazine.

    3. The best article will be chosen by the Editor-in-Chief

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or drop me a PM! I look forward to reading your submissions and best of luck everyone!


    1. Fixing the Saints - sweetg1
    2. The Four Saddest Words - metsmagic18
    3. Give Bettman a Break - 30ranfordfan
    4. Enter the Sandman...Again - jrlebert
    5. Detroit Red Wings Offseason Buzz - wogman56
    6. Who to Watch in the WWE - PvtDirt
    7. A Tale of Two Formats - Magic_bobcat
    8. This Is the Rangers' Year - HAWKEYESforLIFE
    9. Unpredictable, Entertaining, the Cup! - DnJCards
    10. The Mets' First No-Hitter - jrlebert
    11. Welcome to Hockeywood, USA - cfagent0
    12. Rick Reilly Says Enough - I Say "PLEASE!" - sweetg1
    13. The Top Stories of Summer 2012 - RGM81
    14. MLB Adventures - Kobewild99
    15. Golf's Triumphant Return - Comfortably9Numb
    16. Hounding in the Heat - *censored*
    17. Disgruntled Duck - DnJCards
    18. Disappointment: the Life of a Leafs fan - DnJCards
    19. Mike Trout's Rookie Season - Jrlebert
    20. A Bumpy Return to Collecting - RiceBondsmntna2Rice
    R.A. Dickey - Baseball's Most Important Pitcher - jrlebert
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    When posting picture should we post link/credit where picture was obtained?

    I did read all rules ect. Hopefully I didnt just miss it.


    BTW love the idea.
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    Karine, Do I get credit for going first? :) (just kidding - I already know that the answer is, "I get my 250 points first!")
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    Baseball: Anything to do with the Negro Leagues (cards, memorabilia, etc), Clementes
    Football: Payton, E. Smith, Sayers, J. Brown
    Tickets: All sports, but love Baseball and Football
    Others: Vintage is always welcome, anything tradeable.
    My bucket: Hidden Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregZakwin View Post
    Does the topic have to be current?
    No, it's up to you you can either write about the suggested topics or go for your own topic

    Quote Originally Posted by RBSports View Post
    When posting picture should we post link/credit where picture was obtained?

    I did read all rules ect. Hopefully I didnt just miss it.


    BTW love the idea.
    If you know where the pic is from, that's a good idea yes.

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetg1 View Post
    Karine, Do I get credit for going first? :) (just kidding - I already know that the answer is, "I get my 250 points first!")
    Nice try Guy ;)

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    Two very good articles so far. I just uploaded mine and am working on my second right now. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this, very cool idea!

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    Just dropped mine.

    I was surprised there was no NBA topic, but I decided to go with the non-sports topics all together.

    Thanks for the contest
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    I dropped two articles yesterday. I'll be the one guy that does a WWE one.... haha.

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