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    just added mine on the resurgence of golf cards:
    Please check my inventory before my photobucket!!! It's more up to date!!!
    Hidden Content
    Hidden Content
    Top Want: 2012 Leaf Metal Anna Nordqvist Award Winners Prism Gold 1/1

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    When is the winner going to be announced for this? :)

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    As there hasn't been many entrants this month and since there will not be an SCF magazine until August (due to too much overtime work on my part, real life unfortunately gets in the way sometimes) I will extend the contest until July 31st. Don't forget, you can enter as many articles as you like. Hockey fans, feel free to dissect the first day of the free agency frenzy!

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    No, it was June 30th. I always run these for at least 2 months to get enough entries...

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