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    Official Elvis Andrus PC/Super Collection

    The business card I had made up. I'm 100% official now.

    I'm working on a master super collection of Elvis Andrus. I know there's no way I'll ever collect all the cards out there, but I would like to try. Please let me know what you have and what you would like for it. I have a spreadsheet built up for me to track my progress easily.

    I also keep my collection up to date with pictures in the Inventory Manager above. Please check them out and let me know what you think. I started back in October of 2011 and already have close to 350 different cards or almost 50% of all cards produced.

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    Anyone have any Andrus cards out from 2012 they want to get rid of? Bowman, Gypsy Queen. Base and inserts.

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    Here's the newest 1/1 in my PC. I'm up to 39 total 1/1's in hand.

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    are you looking for duplicates as well, i think i have a few of his cards you might already have laying around

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    I'm not looking for dupes, but let me know what you have. I have pretty much every base card he has and the majority of cards I need that aren't 1/1's are numbered to 50 or less. Thanks for looking.

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    So it's been a long time since I have posted here, as I spend most of my time on another forum site. Well I have picked up quite a few cards since the last time I posted and here is the big one. I will try to update more often and I'm always looking for any Andrus cards I don't have.

    2006 Bowman Chrome Superfractor. This is the Holy Grail of Elvis Andrus cards.
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    Congrats on the pickup. Wishing you continued success

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    2012 topps chrome refractors #149 Elvis Andrus
    2012 topps update 1987 mini #129 Elvis Andrus
    2012 topps gold sparkle #439 Elvis Andrus
    2011 Topps Diamond Duos I. Kinsler/E. Andrus

    Need any of these?

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