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    FS: Have some random signed/raceused I don't need...

    2004 Press Pass Signings Gold Clear Jeff Gordon 72/100

    2005 Press Pass Legends GOLD Tim Richmond Race Used Glove 7/99

    2006 Press Pass Stealth Silver Gear Grippers Glove Reed Sorenson 16/99

    2006 Press Pass VIP Trading Paint Bronze Dale Jarrett Two Color 13/145

    2011 Press Pass Eclipse Signature Series kevin Harvick Pit Wall Banner Signed 08/11

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    PLMK what u would like for the jarrett and gordon thanks!

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    What is the price on the Harvick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wonderbread View Post
    What is the price on the Harvick?
    I don't have a Beckett. I have only seen them for sale once, as there are only 11 of them, for $125. I don't know if that is the high or the low. I would take $75 for it easily if the price is $125. Typically when someone sells a card the low is what they sell it at, trade at the high. So $75 seems like it would be close to half of the low value, if that is even the value. Again, I don't have an official price.

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    Actually, from what I am told Beckett does not even list the Harvick in their mag, I bet they would have a price online but I have no way to check. I guess I would take $50 for it.

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    Do you still have the Tim Richmond glove card for sale?

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