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    DAcardworld is ridiculous any suggestions?

    Girlfriend is in school in toronto bought me some cards from dave and adam cardworld on friday 2 weeks ago get an email the next day at 3pm saying they need id and this and that so we call get no one. so we have to wait until monday so monday comes around I call they say she can either scan her id and card or we can cancel and she can pay through paypal without the hassle of sending in her info. So they cancel it then tell us it will be 3-5 days until the funds are refunded even though they were never charged in the first place so I ask to speak to the person in charge and the operator tells me she is on break (which is understandable) and he says I will have her call you back in 15-20 minutes because we should be able to get this resolved in a day atleast. Well guess what 3 hours later still no call. So i proceed to call them about 10 times the rest of the day i tried the operator and i tried their customer service line. Tried calling the next day from 11-5 within their posted hours still nothing so I said screw it Ill just let 3-5 days pass and order again.

    So finally that thursday I get a one sentence email saying we have to wait until the pending charge is returned. Ok whatever so it gets returned I place an order on last wed. finally at about 3:30 pm eastern time it does not get processed until the next day. so thursday around 430 (which is after their shipping time for the day) my gf gets a call saying they do not know if they should send overnight shipping or the standard 2 day shipping since we typed overnight shipping in the options box. So i proceed to call friday and get a hold of someone i say if i said over night when will it get here now that it is friday he says monday so i say well i might as well do regualr shipping and replace the overnight charge with a few extra packs of cards I say ill call you right back in about 20 and let you know what i want instead of the shipping charge. Of course I end up calling about 10-15 more times the rest of the day never to be answered!!!!!! so here I am today monay the 21st 2 weeks later I call at 11 am no freakin answer!!!!!!!! so i left a message saying i cant get a hold of anyone and i have been trying during their online hours and i needed the cards before today and to call me back at xx number.

    Anyone have any suggestions should i be given some sort of compensation for the troubles a free box or something cuz this is ridiculous what do you think?

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    You'd imagine that one of the most popular online card retailers would have at least some common courtesy when it comes to customer service. Sorry to hear about that experience - hopefully they take care of you.

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    Man, how weird. I've been dealing with D&A online for about a decade, and it's all been good. Hope they do right by you! Let us know how it turns out.
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    yea i thought it was weird because my first transaction was so smooth and they were so helpful but basically this is what happened.

    shortly after posting this i received an email that my order would be shipped at the end of the day. that was it no apology no follow up call. no nothing after leaving them a message. i feel like calling back my cards arrived today but the more i think about it the more po'd i get because i feel like they are avoiding contact. I know everyone says they have patience or it is hard to get mad but seriously i hardly ever get upset about anything and this whole situation has just made me so angry i do not want to order from them again unless they do something about it.

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    Howdy, i live near them here in WNY, but havent done biz in over 15 years with them, nuff said
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    This sounds odd coming from DACW...
    Since Toronto, could it be something to do with Canadian post, or a worry about different address's due your girlfriend buying( 1 in USA & other in Canada)?

    I'm sure they'll treat you right, unless this has been an issue/problem unfolding slowly.
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    ya i still have yet to be able to get anyone on the phone i swear they know my number and just do not pick up because when i emailed about not being able to get anyone and to please have someone call me and i left the same voicemail . they emailed me back within ten minutes all they said was "your order will be shipped today" after i had explained in the email and voicemail that i could not reach anyone during their hours even though they said they would call me back in 20 mins twice to solve the issue and once said for me to call back in 30 minutes and no one ever called or answered

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