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    WTTF Silver

    Looking to pick up some silver. Have a few different things I could trade. Football cards, ps3 games, stamps (U.S. and foreign, as well as some FDCs). Would also concider buying. Let me know what you have, and what you might be looking for in trade, and we'll go from there.


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    anyone trading? Interested in pretty much anything .999 silver.
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    I deal more with pure silver bullions, such as small bars, silver eagles, etc. Should have been a little more specific. Looking for anything .999 silver.

    However, I still might be interested. What year dimes are they?

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    pre 65 ? not sure they are silver about 100 of them

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    They are 90% silver, 10% copper. With current spot prices, their melt value would be about $2.07 each.

    I would be interested, depending on what you're looking for in trade. Looking to trade or sell? I wouldnt be interested in buying them, but would definetly trade.
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