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Thread: Looking to Buy

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    Looking to Buy

    Hey guys and girls below will be a list of things i would like to buy.
    Let me know by PM or just reply.
    I will listen to all offers.

    Xbox 360 Games:
    Fifa 12
    All Call Of Duty Games
    Madden 12
    Battlefield 3
    Also MSG me if your getting rid of some newer games.

    Anything related to PSP's whether it's the Actual PSP or PSP Games.

    Any Ipods you are looking to sell.

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    How much would you give for a PSP 3000, Gran Turismo for PSP, MLB 09 the Show for PSP, MLB 2K10 for PSP, NBA 2K10 for PSP, or a green 8GB iPod Nano 6th generation?

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