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    List updated! We made it past $700, just over 24 hours to go people! Thanks to everyone for the donations so far!

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    Im glad I checked my messages today. I donated I think this is a great way to create awareness, and hey if I get a Crosby or Ovechkin card that is fine too but Im just glad I good help out a little.

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    Thanks for the donation!

    The draw will be done live tomorrow night at 8.00 PM on blogtv ( I will provide the link to the right channel tomorrow night when i'm all set. In the meantime, if you want to be able to chat on there tomorrow night, you might want to register just so you have a username.

    Will PM all entrants so far so that they are reminded of the live draw.


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    Just to confirm, I HAVE to do the digg thing as well as donate?

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    Yes you do, those are the rules :)

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    dugg it, donated, and forwarded e-mail. great contest, thanks!

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    Dugg as wwaaff. Donation made

    How much can we raise?
    Lets keep the donations going!!!!!!!!!
    D. Keon,T. Horton , Paul Henderson, Blank Backs and inserts from ITG 1972
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    List updated! Big jump there thanks Wayne!

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