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    Scott Rolen and Chase Utley autos for sale

    Hey, I'm sorry for those of you who inquired about the Utley earlier but I left for school and didn't have access to it. Anyway it's back up for sale so make an offer if your interested in either of the 2

    00 SPX Signatures Scot Rolen auto
    02 Bowman Chase Utley RC auto

    Thank You

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    Utley BV is $40 but the last 2 on ebay I've seen went for $70 somethin and almost $40.... I don't know if that was a fluke or what though, it normally sells well ....

    The Rolen is $25

    Let me know what you think, Thank you

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    I'm not lookin for that much on the utley thats just what i've seen them go for before

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