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    Michael Vick signs 1 year $10 million contract with the Eagles

    The Philadelphia Eagles re-signed Michael Vick on Monday to a one-year deal for the 2013 season, the team announced. Vick could make as much as $10 million next season, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

    This contract replaces the six-year, $100 million contract Vick had signed in 2011 and he now is scheduled to be a free agent after next season.

    "He wanted to be here," new coach Chip Kelly said Monday in his first meeting with the media following his opening press conference on Jan. 17. "I had never met him before. The one thing that attracted me to him, is Michael is a competitor. Nick is, too. You want guys who want to compete."

    In a statement, Vick said he was "grateful and proud" to be with the Eagles.

    "My heart is in Philly and this community is important to me. I look forward to playing for Coach Kelly, [owner] Jeffrey Lurie and the entire Eagles organization, the city of Philadelphia and the fans. I am training hard this offseason and will be ready for Coach Kelly's team vision and leadership. Our goal is to win," he said.
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    well if they did this to save them cap space in the future then good for them.

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    So they pay him $10 mill now so they don't have to pay him later...not sure how that works out.

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    I like the idea that the Eagles got the big contract off the books. It gives Chip a QB who still can run, and if they get Joeckel from A&M, and Peters and Kelce return, that OL will be ridiculously better than anytime last year. It opens up the running game, and Vick can still throw, although off target at times. If the project fails, then they always have Foles next year.

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    I guess in theory it sounds good. I just always like to see an incoming new coach clean up the problems of the previous year by eliminating them. Vick was horrible last season and a key reason why Reid is gone. The one exception is when the QB is a veteran and can help the younger QBs develop and evolve. In two seasons with the Eagles Vick threw 30 TDs while throwing 24 INTs and fumbling 21 times. What could keeping him around possibly do for the young QBs on the team? All he provides is a "What if?" factor for the coach to constantly consider as an option because he wants to prove that he was the best choice for the job by wining now.

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    they couldn't cut his contract or trade him without it costing them money anyway. This way they pay a little more now and save a lot latter. I honestly think Vick will be the backup to foles at the beginning of the season. Like getting divorced and paying a third of alamony up front instead of paying full price over several years. The future is much easier to manage that way.

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