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    Consolidating My Collection, all cards for trade/sale

    Check out my site. I am looking to get rid of every card on my site. I am looking for Bonds, Arod and Maddux cards.

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    Need those Topps Bonds Home Run History cards? I have a few of them.
    Just LMK


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    I believe the Jenkins Books $20


    I can use the home run history cards but not for anything on my site.


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    Got any RC's you want to give up for the Bonds HR History cards. I think I have 6 of em.
    Just LMK


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    I'm interested in the Fergie Jenkins. Can you check my tradelist to see if I have anything you want for it ?


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    Check my list lmk if you see anything...I'll buy jenkins if possible

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    I did not see anything I liked.


    If you want the buy the price is $13 dlvd.


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