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    any realtor or real estate people?

    my wife and i have decided to sell our home (yes in this market) and buy our retirement home now. no issues with getting a loan, but curious if anyone has any selling tips?

    we plan on trying to sell it ourselves, which we sold our first home ourselves as well, so we have a tiny bit of experience.

    each room is freshly painted a nuetral color and all is new including carpet and electrical. we have the place as nice as possible. we are not looking to make anything (though it would be nice) and have been looking at houses in the area for sell.

    we plan on getting an appraisal to come up with a fair but cheap price. we plan on using the internet, graig's list, and local newspapers to advertise.

    anyone have any good advice of what else we can do in this crazy market?



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    The first piece of advice a realtor would give you is: to use a real estate agent to sell your home.
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    I think you would be better off pricing it a little higher and using a realtor. Rather than pricing it a little lower and not using one. Most realtors get 6%, so just add that into your price and you will get a TON more coverage using them than you will on your own. Whatever you choose though, good luck with your sale!

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