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    help me add to my sox collection

    Lookin to pick up some more white sox stuff here is a list of players i'm looking for:

    Paul Konerko
    Scott Podsednik
    Joe Crede
    Mark Buehrle
    Jermaine Dye (pictured in white sox uniform only)
    Tadahito Iguchi
    Jon Garland
    Jose Contreras
    Freddy Garcia (pictured in white sox uniform only)
    Bobby Jenks
    Juan Uribe
    Brandon Mccarthy

    I am looking for game used, autographs, and rookie cards only. please check my tradelist in my signature, have all sports (except hockey) available.

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    I have a Konerko auto that books 30, i like the Miguel Cabrera Patch booking same price

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    i will probably do that, which auto is it exactly of konerko?

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    2003 Topps Pristine Personal Endorsements, I believe

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    oh darn, sorry i have that one. lmk if you come across any others. thanks

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