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    Cool Official Request Thread: 2008 Topps Chrome

    Ok everybody. Here's your chance to obtain one free 2008 Topps Chrome baseball card. Check out our box break/review of 2008 Topps Chrome here:

    Because the hobby box of Topps Chrome contains considerably less cards than other product, you are only allowed to claim any one (1) card listed below. It can be a base card or insert card. You must send me a SASE and you may include a toploader if you wish. If you don't send a toploader, I won't put your cards in one. If you claim a card and do not follow through with a SASE, you risk being ineligible for future box breaks such as these. First posted, first serve. NO requests/claims by PM but I wil pm you with my mailing address.

    Other cards from the box break that you may be interested in (the autos, serial #'d cards) will be available at a later date from the CardCash Store or the SCF Prize vault. Feel free to ask any questions.

    Topps Chrome Refractors
    16 Erik Bedard - mailed to GilbertArenas0
    30 Kevin Youkilis - mailed to roaddogg02316
    86 Carl Crawford - mailed to redsox5824
    106 Johnny Damon - mailed to mailed to RAmentler
    120 Prince Fielder - mailed to carns
    182 Jonny Gomes - mailed to bob9826
    193 Evan Longoria - mailed to Tejada#1
    211 Blake DeWitt - mailed to dodgerblue08

    Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary All Rookie Team
    ARC1 Gary Sheffield
    ARD2 Ivan Rodriguez
    ARC23 Dustin Pedroia - mailed to schwood

    Topps Chrome Trading Card History
    TCHC7 Ryan Braun - mailed to arpsmith
    TCHC8 Albert Pujols - mailed to saulriverafan52
    TCHC9 Joe Mauer - mailed to ibig6
    TCHC10 Jose Reyes - mailed to mattdile3
    TCHC11 Johan Santana - mailed to parsetdx
    TCHC Hunter Pence - mailed to jhise777

    Topps Chrome Mickey Mantle Home Run History
    MHRC470 - mailed to YankeePride
    MHRC 475 - mailed to Hoffmoen

    Topps Chrome Mickey Mantle Story
    MMSC54 - mailed to mr_mustard

    (A card listed twice means there is a duplicate)
    2 Barry Zito
    6 Daisuke Matsuzaka
    8 Jimmy Rollins - mailed to outtahere
    10 Cole Hamels - alhenry92
    18 Chris Young (SD P)
    22 Garrett Atkins
    22 Garrett Atkins
    24 Ivan Rodriguez
    28 John Lackey
    34 Andruw Jones
    38 Justin Upton
    46 Ben Sheets - mailed to brocklanders34
    49 Scott Rolen
    50 John Maine -
    52 Tadahito Iguchi
    53 Yunel Escobar
    54 Russell Martin - to 777lhk
    54 Russell Martin - Davo_McFlavo
    56 Jim Edmonds
    60 Manny Ramirez - mailed to Socomwiz
    70 Akinori Iwamura - mailed to dicekmvp
    70 Akinori Iwamura - Philliesfan09
    76 Jermaine Dye
    77 Carlos Ruiz
    80 Jorge Posada - redwingsfan1311
    82 Carlos Delgado - RareTunaFish
    84 Elijah Dukes
    88 Bobby Crosby
    90 David Ortiz - Bosox34 (post #135)
    92 Adam Dunn
    96 Jered Weaver
    98 Troy Glaus
    100 Lance Berkman
    101 Randy Johnson
    104 Matt Holliday
    108 Derek Lowe
    110 Aaron Harang
    110 Aaron Harang
    116 Josh Hamilton
    122 Chone Figgins
    122 Chone Figgins
    126 Rocco Baldelli
    128 Adrian Gonzalez
    130 Bobby Abreu
    132 Chipper Jones
    136 Jeff Francis - nubiggestfan70
    144 Chris Young (Arizona OF)
    148 Aramis Ramirez - mailed to T. Ferguson
    150 Homer Bailey
    160 Pat Burrell
    162 Gary Sheffield
    166 Michael Young - mailed to matthewbschultz83
    166 Michael Young
    170 Yadier Molina - mailed to stlcardtrader
    170 Yadier Molina
    177 Daniel Cabrera
    184 Adam LaRoche
    202 Alex Romero RC - mailed to rbrownaz
    204 Rico Washington RC - mailed to ibleedbrooklyn
    204 Rico Washington RC - mailed to chekers
    206 Evan Meek RC - koconnor67
    206 Evan Meek RC
    214 Clete Thomas RC
    219 Denard Span RC - mailed to harrid4
    220 Brian Bass RC
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    I can use this. Thank you very much, will send it on monday.

    Topps Chrome Refractors
    193 Evan Longoria

    Thank you, Cameron

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    i can use the youkilis refractor thanks

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    I'll take the Fielder refractor please... Thanks!!!

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    I'll take the TCHC8 Albert Pujols if it is still avaialble.

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    Can I have this one?

    Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary All Rookie Team
    ARC23 Dustin Pedroia

    Hidden Content

    I collect Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and UNH Hockey and Football Players (Base/Inserts/GU/AU)
    My PC NFT is exactly that, Not For Trade! It is for show only. So, please don't ask!
    I unfortunately can no longer afford to trade outside of the US. Even Canada rates are way too high!

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    Can I have this one?

    TCHC Hunter Spence

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