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    At the risk of offending others I must ask for Bears fans only to read this

    DA BEARS!!!!

    Mike who?

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    I'll move this to the appropriate forum. Honestly it would be much simpler for you to post your Bears comments in one topic instead of making multiple ones.

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    Da Bears! Bring on Green Bay and Minnesota, should be nice warmups for the playoffs!!!

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    Yeah finally Rex is bck so we can score some points. WOO HOO!

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    I wouldn't be too high on Rex yet. He still has not proven himself, even though he certainly is an upgrade over Kyle for the time being.
    The great thing was, the Falcons were not expecting to see Rex in the ballgame. Like Theisman said last night, they had no scouting report, so they had no idea what to expect.
    It was also nice to see an actual punt-returner who can catch the ball out there.
    Urlacher was everywhere last night, and should be named the defensive player of the year without question.
    Wherever the ball is, Nate Vasher seems to be there. He just has a nack for making the big play. Kind of reminds me of how that happened to Mike Brown in 2000.
    Thomas Jones had another sound game running, and Adrian Peterson continues to be a great change of pace.

    Can clinch next week the division with a win over GB, or a loss by the Vikes against the Ravens.

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