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    Looking for anything I don't have. LMK!
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    are you able to buy? I have a couple Nelson Autos and a Dirk/Finley Dual Floor(can likely trade the dual floor but not the Autos, well at least didnt see anything for the autos on your site)

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    not sure if u need this but ive gotz

    04-05 ultra lucky 13 gold medallion
    devin harris rc

    04-05 topps pristine devin harris rc

    05-06 bowman ddp chrome
    devin harris refractor #247/300

    plenty of jameer nelson bowman rookies chrome,gold,base let me know thanks
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    BRAVES- Christmas coming up, so not doing any buying right now. :)

    XXVISIONXX- Could use the 05-06 Bowman DDP Chrome Refractor of Devin, as well as any of the Nelson RC's you have. The only one I have at the moment is *drumroll* Topps. lol

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    added the

    04-05 topps pristine devin harris rc

    forgot i had that also lol

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    ok thats cool. thanks for the quick reply. do you need the Finley/Dirk Dual Floor from 01-02 UD Inspir? can likely trade it if youw ant it.

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    BRAVES- Depends. I have one already, but is this one mult-colored? LMK!

    VISION- I've got all 3 Pristine Harris RC's unless they are refractor versions.

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    ok then i will get back with ya tomorrow once ive dugg up all the jameer nelson cards and let ya know exactly what i have then we can make a deal... =)

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