check out my list, the items labeled HTG will take a trade in my favor to get, i'm looking for the things i list in my signature, mainly White Sox right now though. thanks for looking:

NOLAN RYAN 2004 Playoff Honors, Prime Signature Autograph 41/50 $120.00 (HTG!)
WARREN SPAHN 2004 Playoff Honors, Champions Jersey/Autograph Prime 5/5 $N/A (HTG!)
JEROME WILLIAMS 2004 Playoff Honors, Silver Signatures 34/50 $12

CAVE, KEVIN 2004 Leaf Certified Materials, RC Autograph 175/1000 (Marlins)
HENN, SEAN 2004 Playoff Honors, RC Autograph 973/1000 (Yankees)
HILL, SHAWN 2004 Upper Deck Etchings, RC Autograph 493/700 (Expos)
HINES, CARLOS 2004 Studio, RC Private Signings Autograph 10/50 (Devil Rays)
JOSEPH, ONIL 2004 Playoff Honors, RC Autograph 733/1000 (Braves)
KEPPINGER, JEFF 2005 Fleer Authentix, Ticket to Majors Autograph 122/250 (Mets)
LABANDEIRA, JOSH 2004 Playoff Honors, RC Autograph 194/1000 (Expos)
MILLER, COLBY 2004 SPX, RC Autograph/Jersey combo 780/799 (Twins)
NIPPERT, DUSTIN 2004 Bowman's Best, RC Autograph (Diamondbacks)
NOVOA, ROBERTO 2004 Playoff Honors, RC Autograph 460/800 (Tigers)
WOODS, JAKE 2004 Leaf Certified Materials, RC Blue Autograph 26/100 (Angels)
YAN, RUDDY 2004 Playoff Honors, RC Autograph 720/800 (White Sox)



J. SMOLTZ/M. RIVERA/D. ECKERSLEY/L. SMITH 04 Playoff Honors, Quad Materials 72/100 $60 (Braves, Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals)
ALOMAR, ROBERTO 2003 Flair, Diamond Cuts Jersey (Mets)
ANDERSON, GARRET 2004 Upper Deck Etchings, Game-Used Bat (Angels)
BERKMAN, LANCE 2003 Fleer Authentix, Game-Worn Jersey (Astros)
BELL, DEREK 2001 Private Stock, Game Gear Jersey (Mets)
BLALOCK, HANK 2004 Upper Deck Etchings, Game-Used Bat (Rangers)
BRAZELTON, DEWON 2002 UD Sweet Spot, USA Memorabilia Jersey (Devil Rays)
BURNITZ, JEROMY 2002 E-X, Essential Credentials Game-Used Bat 33/34 $40 (Mets)
CABRERA, MIGUEL 2005 Donruss Elite, Throwback Threads Prime 4-Color Patch 24/25 $30 (Marlins)
DUNN, ADAM 2004 Playoff Honors, Players Collection Jersey 39/250 (Reds)
FLOYD, CLIFF 2004 Leaf Certified Materials, Blue Game-Used Bat 12/100 (Mets)
GARCIAPARRA, NOMAR 2003 Fleer Focus JE, Team Colors Jersey (Red Sox)
GIAMBI, JASON 2005 Fleer Platinum, Diamond Dominators Silver Jersey (Yankees)
GONZALEZ, JUAN 2002 Upper Deck, Peoples Choice Jersey (Rangers)
HIDALGO, RICHARD 2002 E-X, Hit N Run Game-Used Bat (Astros)
JOHNSON, RANDY 2005 Fleer Platinum, Diamond Dominators Silver Jersey (Diamondbacks)
JONES, JAQUE 2004 Leather & Lumber, Game-Used Jersey 92/250 (Twins)
KEARNS, AUSTIN 2003 Flair, Power Tools Bat (Reds)
LEITER, AL 2004 Leaf Certified Materials, Game-Used Jersey Red 165/250 (Mets)
MORGAN, JOE/KENT, JEFF 2004 Playoff Honors, Jersey Tandems (Giants)
NEVIN, PHIL 2000 SP Game Bat Edition, Piece of the Game Bat (Padres)
ORDONEZ, REY 2001 Private Stock, Game-Used Gear Jersey (Mets)
PALMEIRO, RAFAEL 2004 Fleer Genuine Insider, Genuine Article Jersey (Orioles)
PIAZZA, MIKE 2003 Flair, Diamond Cuts Jersey (Mets)
PIE, FELIX 2005 Bowman, Futures Game gear jersey (Cubs)
REYES, JOSE 2004 Leaf Certified Materials, Red Jersey 47/250 *2 Creases* (Mets)
RODRIGUEZ, IVAN 2005 Fleer Platinum, Diamond Dominators Gold Jersey 75/199 (Tigers)
RODRIGUEZ, IVAN 2005 Fleer Platinum, Decade of Excellence Jersey (Tigers)
SANDERS, DEION 2001 Fleer Authority, Dimaond Cuts Jersey (Reds)
SOSA, SAMMY 2005 Donruss Elite, Passing the Torch Jersey (Cubs)
STEWART, SHANNON 2001 Fleer, Feel The Game Bat (Blue Jays)



MIKE ROUSE 2004 Playoff Honors, Credits Platinum 1/1 $N/A (Athletics) HTG!
JOE CREDE 2001 Topps Traded, Gold 1995/2001 $12 (White Sox)
HARVEY, KRIS 2005 Bowman Chrome, Refractor (Marlins)
HOWARD, RYAN 2004 Fleer Genuine, Reflections 15/99 (Phillies)
JETER, DEREK 1993 Topps $10 (Yankees)
LEE, CARLOS 1998 Bowman Chrome $8 (White Sox)
LEWIS, DERRICK 2002 Bowman Chrome, Refractor 151/500 (Braves)
MATSUI, KAZ 2005 Donruss, Press Proof Red 121/200 (Mets)
ORDONEZ, MAGGLIO 1998 Bowman Chrome $8 (White Sox)
PRIOR, MARK 2002 Leaf #169(Cubs)
SNELL, IAN 2004 Playoff Honors, Credits Silver 22/50 $10 (Pirates)
SOSA, SAMMY 1990 Bowman #312 (White Sox)
STOKES, BRIAN 2003 Flair, Row 2/25 (Devil Rays)
SUZUKI, ICHIRO 2001 Upper Deck MVP #60 $10 (Mariners)
TAVERAS, WILLY 2004 Playoff Honors, Credits Bronze 6/100 $10 (Astros)



BARRY BONDS 2003 Flair, Row 2 20/25 $N/A (Giants)
JOHNNY ESTRADA 2005 Donruss, Press Proof Black 2/10 $N/A (Braves)
CAL RIPKEN/E. MURRAY/J. PALMER 2005 Donruss Elite, Elite Teams 667/1500 $10 (Orioles)
BRENDAN HARRIS 2004 Playoff Honors, Credits Gold 5/25 (Cubs)
JUAN PIERRE 2005 Topps Pristine, Uncirculated 26/375 (Marlins)
BRAD WILKERSON 2005 Donruss, Season Stat Line 40/67 $10(Expos)