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Thread: Name your buying price!

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    Name your buying price!

    Did this type of deal once before and was somewhat successful with it for me and the buyers.....anyway.....check my scans for what you want and let me know what you are willing to pay dlvd for what you choose. The worst I can say is no thank you.....I may take your offer too! Be sure to check all areas of my sections because some cards have been moved around. I accept all forms of payment types but cash or PayPal is preferred. Link to my scans is in my signature. Thanks for looking :)

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    37 for the 6 cowboys gu in the "deep" folder
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    Quote Originally Posted by 81wolfpack View Post
    37 for the 6 cowboys gu in the "deep" folder
    I believe those are gone already but I will check and get back with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC30715 View Post
    10.00 joe mcknight star gazing patch?
    works for me....Paypal?

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