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Thread: Anyone want to trade???

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    Anyone want to trade???

    Huge update on my trade list, please check it out,

    happy holidays

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    hey like some of the gameused, have a ton to trade including stuff from my tradelist, also have some more infserts and rcs and a ton of base i would trade base in ur favor big time for a jersey, lmk thanks

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    dont really need anything besides the jordan auto...

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    hey the upper deck items are not for trade anyways, thats cool, my tradelist is under my name user name here, thanks anyways

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    i want
    01-02 TCC Challenging the Champ Dirk Nowitzki
    02-03 SPx Winning Materials Dirk Nowitzki (shorts/warmup)
    03-04 SP Game Used Edition NBA SP Game Used Dirk Nowitzki
    01-02 Flair Courting Greatness GU Court Dirk Nowitzki

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    tyler, couldnt really use anything.... sorry. do you have any other lists?

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    check my site for these can i also get BVs thanks:
    04-05 Upper Deck Trilogy Signs of Stardom Lamar Odom
    03-04 Bowman Signature Certified Autograph Issue Uncirculated Jersey/auto
    Mike Sweetney (0655/1250)
    2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Sweet Spot Signatures Donovan McNabb (061/100)

    LMK thanks

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