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    Looking to trade for BEARS RC,Auto,GU, and #erd cards!!!!!!!!!

    Hey evryone....just got back......went a long period of time without trading,buyiong, ect.....anyway...HOW BOUGHT THEM BEARS!!!

    My team is doing good and ima be looking to grow my currently looking for Autos,GU,RC, and low #rd inserts of any bears player...but im mainly looking for these

    Dick Butkus
    Gale sayers
    Walter payton
    Any started on bears D
    Rex Grossman
    Thomas jones
    Olin Kreutz

    also still intrested in cubs cards to....but unless a card/deal for cubs cards came up that i cant refuse, im really only looking for bears cards right now....

    check out my trade list!!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I like this:
    Robin Yount 2001 donruss diamond kings reprints auto 67/89
    Only bears I have though are a Reflections Urlacher jersey, and an 04 Rookies and Stars 2 color patch of Urlacher /35

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    Sry bro...duno if i want any those, welll for the yount at least...

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    Let me know if you can use any of these:
    05 Absolute Brian Urlacher Tools of the Trade Jersey #/25(orange)
    05 Absolute Brian Urlacher Tools of the Trade Jersey #/100(white)
    05 Finest Kyle Orton rc refractor #/399
    05 Sage Hit Kyle Orton auto #/25

    03 Fleer Showcase Mark Prior Sweet Stitches jersey #022/899(his jersey number)
    04 Leaf Certified Aramis Ramirez Mirror Emerald autograph #4/5
    03 Fleer Platinum Mark Prior Nameplates Patch #/123(part of the Cubby bear)
    05 Topps Gallery Kerry Wood Printing Plate Magenta #1/1
    05 UD Origins Carlos Zambrano Old Judge autograph
    05 Prime Patches Aramis Ramirez autograph/jersey #25/39
    05 Sweet Spot Nomar Garciaparra Autograph

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    Hey man, I too love that Yount auto (duh, look at the avatar and the sig)

    I know I have a 2003 Donruss Classics Rex Grossman RC at home, an Alex Brown 2002 Honor Roll Gold RC #/25, an Urlacher Fleer Metal RC (I think) and an Urlacher Atomic jersey. I may have other Bears, too. Are you interested in anything I've listed so far?

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    I like the looks of these
    05 Absolute Brian Urlacher Tools of the Trade Jersey #/25(orange)
    04 Leaf Certified Aramis Ramirez Mirror Emerald autograph #4/5

    that yount is also one of my personal fav. got it from a single pack i got from toys r us lol
    Id love to trade to someone like u that likes the guy so much....but i really dont wanna trade auto's for rc unless they autoed their anything else u see that catches an eye??

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    Airese Currie-2005 Topps Bazooka RC #193
    Airese Currie-2005 Topps Bazooka Blue RC #193
    Rex Grossman-2003 Topps RC #370
    Rex Grossman-2003 Leaf R&S RC #98
    Michael Haynes-2003 Topps RC #313
    Bobby Wade-2003 Topps RC #329

    LMK if you need any of these! thanks

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    I also have a 1970 Dick Butkus topps (BV=$25) and a 1971 Gale Sayers if you are interested.

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