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Thread: whould any one help me out

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    whould any one help me out

    hello all,
    my son stop collecting and give me them to me, i have no use for them and no time to list them all, but i will list the top stuff like rookies and i just wonder, whould any one trade for a lot of player or team you like, iam only looking to get any Frank Thomas,Gary Sheffield,H Matsui, Ichiro,any asian player, i will even trade in your favor lmk if any one will help

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    I like Greg Maddux, and Arizona Dbacks! I few cards of each player that you are looking for. PLMK what you have in my wants, and I'll list what I have for you!

    Thanks, Dave..........

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    2001 upper deck legendary lumber L-GS sheffield bat card bv 10.00
    2001 sp game used edition fabric GS sheffield jsy card bv 10.00
    looking for g/u in return what do you have to offer

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