Hey guys, First off I would like to say that this only applies to people who may be purchasing something over 200 dollars at circuitcity.com or are interested in buying electronics for the holidays(In PM, or AIM, you have to specificy exactly what you want to buy). For these people, I am going to be giving away my cards for 10-20 minutes of their time, this is not a scam or anything in that area, I will explain what i need and in 10-20 mins, ur free cards will be on the way. You gain something, I gain something, everyone wins and theres no effect to you expect for the 10-20 mins. So, card wise the cards I have include alot of vintage baseball in VG-EX/NM, Base Stars, inserts, rookies in Basketball, and early 90's base stars in Football. I have a few GU's im giving away, and quite a few good star cards (BV5-20). If you are the first to act you will recieve a John Stockton Flair 01-02 Warming UP GU, and there are many more suprises such as this, but I will need to know what sport and some specifics of what you would like. If i cant find something you specifically like or want, I can always send 100 card lots of base stars or something like this. Now for contact info, I have created an AIM especially for this, FreeCardzBoy , which I will be on most of the time and you can always leave a message if its away. I prefer AIM as the main means of contact, but otherwise just PM me and we can work from there. Thanks everyone, and hopefully ill be sending out alot of free cards soon.