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Thread: Big Ticket's IP Graphing

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    Big Ticket's IP Graphing

    Figured I should start a thread so here it is:

    Thursday June 7th Indy @ Pawtucket

    Went for Indy I did alright pretty much all are as advertised had a hard time getting everything I needed done and can’t make it back for them again but outside of Brandon Boggs they are all guys I’ve gotten in the past anyways. Disappointed that I never got Jeff Clement or Tony Sanchez on some of his newer cards other than that did ok, overall team is really nice outside of Boggs, Navarro, and Kris Johnson brought back his miserable attitude to Pawtucket this series too.

    Jon Hee 3/3
    Ronald Bermudez 3/3
    Ryan Kalish 1/1
    Bill Buckner 1/1 (charting)
    Ralph Truel 1/1


    Jeff Branson 1/1
    Daniel Cabrera 3/6
    Jeff Karstens 1/4
    Jeff Locke 10/10…talked with him about EL AS game last year and how his family is coming down to see him pitch tomorrow

    Rudy Owens 2/2…not as good bout it as he once was
    Duke Welker 2/2
    Justin Wilson 2/2 (charting)
    Eric Fryer 4/4
    Jose Morales 2/2..smudged one
    Tony Sanchez 0/7…ignored, must’ve been a bad night
    Jeff Clement 0/fer…ignored

    Chase D’Arnaud 2/13, 11/11…hit 2 per and told the few people with more cards if he had time to comeback he will get the rest so true to his word he came back and finished ‘em all up. Talked about his brother and working back from his concussion.

    Brian Friday 1/2
    Anderson Hernandez 4/4
    Jeff Larish 1/3
    Yamico Navvaro 0/fer…ignored several times
    Brandon Boggs 0/fer…ignored several times
    Starling Marte 4/4


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    Nice McGregor. I was able to get the other half of that picture Rick Dempsey at his restaurant in Camden Yards.

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    Pawtucket Redsox Christmas Party

    Went Saturday morning to McCoy Stadium mainly just to knockout my set cards of Ryan Lavarnway. I was in and out quick, very easy outing.

    Jeremy Hazelbaker 1/1
    Ryan Lavarnway 1/3, 2/2.."Back again?"...Yea just wanted to get another look at the goatee..and to see if you could finish these up..."I was thinking of growing out a Rollie for spring training, don't worry I got you buddy"

    Tony Thomas 1/1

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    H-Town Texans

    Went to do the Texans not really knowing what to expect but boy these guys were brutal, even the scrubs had egos. Hotel security was awful and team security was normally up players' asses. Guess that's what happens when you have the best record in football. Got turned down by nobodies like Devier Posey and Terrell McClain, and if not for security could've picked up a few more decent names. Anyways got 2 out of the top 5 I wanted but I'll certainly take it considering I did get one of the main guys I wanted. Overall team was brutal I'm sure it didn't help that it was one of the biggest games in franchise history.

    Andre Ware 2/2: 8x10 & card both with Heisman insc.
    Shaun Cody 1/1
    Quinten Demps 2/2
    Brian Cushing 1/1...was pissed cause I knew he was on the IR and figure he wouldn't travel so I didn't bring the SI I had of him so had to settle for a card
    Owen Daniels 1/1..very nice guy
    Andre Johnson 1/1 8x10

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    MNF Crew

    Went to hit the MNF guys and was pretty successful, shortly after arriving saw Steve Young but he wasn't in as good as a mood as the previous times I saw him but still did it. Waited him out to comeback but never saw him return so he must have headed to the stadium from wherever he went out too. Thankfully knocked out the piece I wanted, grabbed the other MNF guys and took off after they left. Also saw Patriots WR Donte Stallworth so nabbed him too, not a bad outing pleased with how I did.

    Donte Stallworth 1/1: whitesheet
    Trent Dilfer 1/1 8x10 w/SB 35 Champs insc
    Steve Young 1/1 SB SI
    John Grudden 1/1 8x10 plus pic with

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    That Young is awesome!
    Click banner for tradelist
    Hidden Content
    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    A Weekend of Football: December 15/16

    Finally have some time to catch up and post after a rough early workload for finals week. Had a few events this weekend that I hit not going to go into much detail but overall pretty pleased with the haul:

    Patriots HOF Speaker Series

    Had tickets for a NE Patriots speaker series event with former NE Patriots and NFL hofers Andre Tippett and Mike Haynes, both guys spoke and answered questions to the small crowd in attendance and following the Q&A they signed. Tippett was his usual chipper self, strict 1per, wouldn't switch pens and didn't do inscriptions but at least he wasn't personalizing everything. Haynes was personable, 1per but would do it however you wanted.

    Andre Tippett 1/1: HOF poster
    Mike Haynes 1/1: Raiders mini w/HOF

    Ben Coates Public Signing

    Went to hit up Ben Coates at a public appearance, he is rarely around for a signing so I wanted to snag him. While I'm not a Pats fan Coates had a very good career and at the time of his retirement was one of the best recieving TEs in the history of the league. He was very accommodating, and it was an easy get in and get out sort of deal.

    Ben Coates 2/2: 1 11x14, 1 8x10: both w/5x All Pro & PHOF insc

    James Lofton at Hotel

    Former Packers/Bills WR nd NFL hofer was around to do the national radio broadcast for the Pats/49ers game. Got a tip that he was out in the city for lunch so was able to head over to the hotel and catch him coming back, he was very cool as always.

    James Lofton 2/2: 8x10 & card both w/HOF insc.

    49ers Hotel

    Hit the 9ers around meeting time and then gameday and they were hit or miss a lot of their bigger name guys were rough though. Had 2 very good cracks at Aldon Smith including 1 on 1 and he was a complete jerk. Gore, Willis, Vernon all blew it off too the 1 time I had a good shot at them too. Kapernick was a jerk as well, although he finally broke down to sign for 2 kids were staying at the hotel but he personalized for them. Crabtree may have been the biggest tool of all of them though, told people that they'd have to pay for him. Got lucky with my main target though and it certainly made doing them worthwhile.

    Chris Collinsworth 1/1 SI
    Al Michaels 1/1
    Eric Davis 1/1 8x10
    Dashaun Goldson 1/1
    Chris Culliver 1/1
    Donte Whitner 2/2
    Jim Harbaugh 1/2
    Alex Smith 1/1 SI
    Bruce Miller 1/1 SI
    Randy Moss 1/1 Authentic Pats jersey, 1/1 Pats mini helmet (help)...pretty cool story behind this but too tired to share it ATM

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    Miami Dolphins Hotel

    Despite an awful roster and snow I was't MIA for Miami, as expected the team was very good about signing and with the hotel security being on and off most of the night before they turned everyone away it wasn't too bad. Surprisingly enough the most amount of collectors and fans that showed up all year showed up for the 'Phins, despite the snow and a lot of fans traveled with the team so it mad it harder for the hotel to control everything. Overall considering the guys on this team and being a few names you'd actually want to get I did ok.

    Phil Simms: 2/2: Full size Giants helmet w/SB MVP insc, NY Giants mini w/SB MVP insc. 2/2: 8x10 & card
    Jim Nantz 0'fer..never saw him with Simms

    Joe Philbin 1/1 8x10
    Johnathan Martin 3/3 cards, 1/1 8x10...very nice kid, really like his potential as a player
    Ryan Tannehill 1/1 8x10 personalized, 1/1 8x10, 1/1 him the night before and he personalized, gameday he signed for everyone no personalization and was able to dip him
    Jimmy Cefalo 4/4
    Michael Egnew 2/2
    Anthony Fasano 1/2
    Matt Moore 1/1
    Jared Odrick 1/1
    Koa Misi..came out with a group of players and they had a snowball fight and even started throwing at a few graphers lol, Misi quickly was underfire and he yelled to them "I'm taking cover with my fans" and he ran inside with us and signed.

    Reggie Bush 1/1 8x10..last one out to the bus didn't think he'd do it, he waves to the crowd and then I see that something caught his eye and he turns and comes over to a little kid so I booked it over there and he signed for the kid, me and one other person and took off. Unfortunately he ran with that kid's dying black sharpie and mine didn't come out to well. But I guess its better than no ink

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