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    Any one have experience selling or buying restaurants.please pm me


    considering buying a restaurant and need help determining how to value the property and make a good offer.any help or hints would be much appreciated.

    cheers mike
    hi all

    Looking for auto's of retired players first and their rookie cards.All other auto's I don't have come after that.Also collect the YG's from each year.

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    I have never personally purchased or ran a restaurant but I have done financing for several... If ou need help with how the financing works let me know... As far as value goes though there are a ton of factors, Will you be buying an existing business IE Keeping the name the same, staff, equipment... Will you be buying the building also or renting... ETC

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    Not to sound condescending but your doomed yourself to failure if you cannot or have not figured that out. Restauranting is a harsh world where the smallest misstep can lead to hundreds of thousands of $'s of debt in a short time . Where would it be located?

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