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Thread: ILLRIMESAYA's success page!!!

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    The "Mostly MLB and Minor League Prospects" success page!!!!

    Hi! I have been a member on this forum for almost 9 years and just got back into TTM autos. I send out mainly cards to baseball, basketball, and football players and I am happy to share some of my recent successes with you guys... thanks, Bri
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    You continue to kill it with the prospects! I love seeing the prospects you're getting back because it gives me a good idea of who to send to. I'm really excited for Spring Training but I fear the World Baseball Classic will really mess with our returns don't you think?

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    Very good question Colleen, I think we simply have to do our roster research and list all the MLB/Milb players that are in the WBC and probably hold off on sending to them until the season. The roster is always changing and we really wont know until the end of the week the final rosters. Good luck regardless :)

    As for my successes... they keep on trickling in at a rate of about 2 per week. Here are the latest two :)

    Taylor Jungmann- 2/3 (c/o Minor League Team)
    -I sent these two photos out along with a 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospect card and he must have kept the card. This guy is a very young pitcher and as with any 20 year old power pitcher, has enormous upside.

    Jeremy Hellickson- 2/2 (c/o Home)
    -A great home success, he is a future ace in the making. I really like how these two cards came out :)

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    like the Jeremy Hellickson return, congrats..

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    I love the Jungmann! Still remember him shutting down my Tigers.

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    A few Hall of Famers and retirees these past few days...

    Bobby Doerr- 3/3 (c/o home)
    -I am always trying to get cards of Bobby Doerr just to send out to him for autographs as I never get sick of sending to this Red Sox hall of famer.

    Carl Erskine- 3/2 (c/o Home)
    -This is my first time sending to Mr. Erskine after hear he is a prolific TTM signer. This one came back in a week and the two cards look phenomenal. He also send me an addition autograph card pictured below.

    Wade Boggs- 3/4 (c/o home)
    -As long as he signs TTM for such a small fee, I will keep sending his way anytime I get cards and photos. These came out great as always and I did not even ask for an HOF inscription :) Love this success.

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    Today brought some phenomenal successes... probably my best all around success day since baseball as four arrived today :)

    Anderson Varejao- 2/2 (c/o Cleveland Cavaliers)
    -An earlier report in the TM states that the Cavs do not sign TTM but this is apparently not the case. It took 3 months but he did sign both of my photos and I see other returns from him the past couple days.

    Austin Meadows- 2/2 (c/o High School)
    -A great signer thus far and a projected top 3 pick in this year's MLB draft. Get him now as his signature is absolutely phenomenal.

    Bradley Beal- 3/3 (c/o Washington Wizards)
    -This lottery pick has been great this year before getting hurt and seems to have a very bright future. He signed all 3 of my 4x6 photos and it is my best NBA success to date.

    Lucas Sims- 5/5 (c/o Home)
    -Mr. Sims is the first round draft pick of the Braves last year and has huge upside. I sent 5 Bowman Drafts to his home and he signed all 5 in thin blue sharpie. What a phenomenal return!!!

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    Very nice simms and meadows. Would you mind pming me the address you sent for meadows. Would love to get a couple of USA cards signed by him. The ttm database doesnt come up when im using my phone. Thanks and nice haul for one day!

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    Thanks a lot for the kind words- I was surprised to see such a great day of returns since I have been saving my stamps for ST.

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    This past week of successes... My mailbox has been on fire lately as I have had at least one return in five straight days :)

    Marcus Stroman- 3/3 (c/o Home)
    -Stroman is a young Blue Jays fireballer who projects as a closer of the future. He throws in the high nineties and I am really excited to get these back after a couple month wait.

    Chris Okey- 2/2 (c/o Eustis High School)
    -Okey is one of the nation's top high school catchers and projects to go in the first few rounds of this year's MLB draft.

    Brad Lidge- 2/2 (c/o Washington Nationals)
    -These took 8 months so I thought they were not coming back. They were postmarked from Denver so I imagine he lives in the area.

    Kaleb Cowart- 4/4 (c/o Home)
    -The #1 prospect in the Angels organization according to Baseball America, Mr. Cowart signed 2 4x6 photos and 2 cards for me with Bible Inscriptions.

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