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Thread: ILLRIMESAYA's success page!!!

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    The "Mostly MLB and Minor League Prospects" success page!!!!

    Hi! I have been a member on this forum for almost 9 years and just got back into TTM autos. I send out mainly cards to baseball, basketball, and football players and I am happy to share some of my recent successes with you guys... thanks, Bri
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    Yes, he has been signing TTM all season it looks like- even though his signature isnt anything to write home about it is awesome to add guys like him to our collections.

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    I am posting all my successes over the past week- they have been rolling in!!!

    Anthony Santander- 3/3 (c/o Cleveland Indians)
    -I sent the very young toolsy outfield prospect three photos and even though his signature looks sweet, he signed them all on the back with ball point pen- would have been sweet if he signed the front.

    Tyler Thornburg- 2/2 (c/o Milwaukee Brewers)
    -This wasnt a Spring Training success but it came back from Phoenix which is weird and I sent to him last season. He signed my 4x6 photos.

    Courtney Hawkins- 4/4 (c/o Chicago White Sox)
    -Hawkins is the #1 prospect for the White Sox and he signed all four of my 4x6 photos. They didn't come out good on camera but the silver sharpie looks sweet in person :)

    Tyler Naquin- 2/3 (c/o Cleveland Indians)
    -I love how these young Indian's prospects sign as he kept my 4x6 photo and signed these Topps USA cards.

    Jace Peterson- 3/3 (c/o San Diego Padres)
    -These 2012 Heritage cards work great for TTMing.

    Lewis Brinson- 3/3 (c/o Texas Rangers)
    -Brinson was last year's number one pick of the Rangers and these Bowman Draft came out incredible.

    Julio Morban- 3/3 (c/o Seattle Mariners)
    -Another top ten prospect of the Mariners who signs very well.

    Adalberto Mondesi- 3/3 (c/o Kansas City Royals)
    -This one is probably my favorite success of the week as he is only 17 years old and cracked Baseball America's top 10 prospect list of the rich Royals farm system. He is the son of former Dodger's outfielder Raul Mondesi and Adalberto is one of the most intriguing young shortstops in the minors.

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    First off, my non Spring Training success... I have been very lazy posting but these have accumulated over the past two weeks :)

    Dave Denson- 2/2 (c/o High School)
    -He is notorious for hitting a 515 foot homer at the Power Showcase. I e-mailed him asking if he would sign a couple photos if I sent them and he was so nice and said yes while responding to my request. He signed both my photos with a "Thank You" on the back. I kind of wish he signed them on the front but I am happy nontheless. He also included a note below.

    Jake Odorizzi- 1/1 (c/o Home)
    -Last time I sent to him, he sent me a card back that wasn't mine and it was smudged badly so I sent to him again. Although it is still not the card I sent, I am very happy with this and his assistant wrote a note back saying that Jake thought I would like this card. I sure do :)

    John Stockton- 1/1 (c/o Home)
    -I love this success as he was one of the best point guards in the game when I was growing up. This photo looks great with his sweet signature on it.

    David Robertson- 1/3 (c/o New York Yankees)
    -These were the photos that I sent to him last year at the end of the regular season. He signed one and kept the others. What a great signature from one of the game's top setup men.

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    Could u share Denson's email address?

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    Now to the latest Spring Training returns.... I am 28/73 thus far and if I get about ten more I would be at 50%. After hearing about everyone's low success rate, I am happy I have gotten back what I did.

    Taylor Lindsay- 2/3 (c/o LA Angels)
    -He is a top ten prospect in the system and he signed these two cards for me. He kept one.

    Robbie Ray- 3/3 (c/o Washington Nationals)
    -Ray is one of the top pitchers in the Nats organization and he is still very young. He seems like a great signer and I wish him the best of luck.

    Robbie Erlin- 4/4 (c/o San Diego Padres)
    -I got Erlin last year c/o his Minor League team and he was nice enough to sign 4 cards again this spring. His signature is crisp and clean and he is one of the game's top pitching prospects.

    Mike Adams- 2/2 (c/o Philadelphia Phillies)
    -One of the game's top setup men, he signed both of my Topps cards I sent. One of these cards ironically, was sent to me by Pat Neshek as he returned my cards signed.

    Aaron Hill- 2/3 (c/o Arizona Diamondbacks)
    -Another established MLB player to add to the list of successes. Two great cards to get signed and they came out sweet!

    Michael Taylor- 4/4 (c/o Washington Nationals)
    -He is a very young toolsy prospect in the Nats system and is a top 10 prospect in the organization. He signed all four of the same photos in the perfect spot :)

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    Wow great success man! Those loook Killer. Aaron Hill is a great player in my opinion loved to watch him when he was with the Blue Jays.
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    Could u share Denson's email address plz? If not its cool.

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    I can hook you up with his school's address... i no longer have his email addy on file since I got the success. thanks

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    Looks like you've had a phenomenal spring training. Congrats on all of your great successes. Your thread remains 1 of my favorite to check out. Can't wait to see all the baseball successes you get this summer

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