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Thread: ILLRIMESAYA's success page!!!

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    The "Mostly MLB and Minor League Prospects" success page!!!!

    Hi! I have been a member on this forum for almost 9 years and just got back into TTM autos. I send out mainly cards to baseball, basketball, and football players and I am happy to share some of my recent successes with you guys... thanks, Bri
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    I very much appreciate the feedback! I have a stack of envelopes that I will be sending out at the beginning of the baseball year that I did not get out in time to ST so I hope to get another hot streak in a couple of weeks :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILLRIMESAYA View Post
    After a full week of absolutely NO successes, I got a failure to cap it off. It was from...

    FAILURE... Michael Cuddyer- 0/2 (c/o Colorado Rockies)- received 8/13/12
    -Was excited to get an envelope I know was from at least three months ago because I change stamps every month just to spice things up and really enjoy getting stuff from a while back... Cuddyer sent my cards back unsigned and asked if I wanted something signed to send 25.00 to his charity with a SASE. I love Cuddyer and he is a true gentleman of the game but I will respectfully hold off on that fee. Unfortunate thing for TTMers is Cuddyer was always a great signer until now and his stuff always came out with the nicest sig... thanks, Bri
    I know that post was old. Just looking at a lot of them. I got Michael Cuddyer 1/1 free c/o spring training this year, 2013.
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    I might try him again as I love his signature... but I will most definitely make that attempt at next season's Spring Training. Thanks for the valuable feedback. Bri

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    Yes, love the thread.
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    Hi all! The TTM successes have been slowing down considerably for ST but here are my returns from the past couple of weeks...

    Jiwan James- 3/3 (c/o Philadelphia Phillies)
    -I have been meaning to send to this toolsy prospect for some time now and glad it resulted in a quick return.

    Brian Cushing- 3/3 (c/o Houston Texans)
    -These Texans defenders are great autograph signers and although it took nearly 8 months, I am thrilled to get these photos back signed.

    Ross Detwiler- 2/4 (c/o Washington Nationals)
    -Arguably the best 5th starter in the game, he was one of those I was really aiming to get during ST and he did not disappoint.

    Roy Hibbert- 2/2 (c/o Indiana Pacers)
    -I could send stuff to the Pacers all day as they are the most automatic TTM autographing teams in the whole NBA. I love this return as Hibbert is quickly becoming one of the best centers in the league.

    Kyle Zimmer- 3/3 (c/o Kansas City Royals)
    -Zimmer is overshadowed by the young talent rich Royal's organization but he is destined to rise up prospect rankings as his stuff is superb.

    Rymer Liriano- 5/5 (c/o San Diego Padres)
    -One of the game's top prospects, its a shame he required season ending surgery so early in ST. He still has such a promising future and remains one of the best signing top prospects in baseball.

    Taijuan Walker- 3/3 (c/o Seattle Mariners)
    -Walker is an elite level prospect and it is great to see him still signing for fans. Every signature on these photos look different but two came out super! One unfortunately smudged but I am thrilled nontheless to hold onto these for a long long time.

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    Great job on your prospect TTMs. I am trying to get the Top 100 Minor League prospects autographs. I only have got 3 back: Danny Hultzen, Kolten Wong, and Kevin Gausman. I have not been getting many returns. Hopefully things will turn around.

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    Good stuff, man!
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    Always looking for cards/memorabilia to trade from:
    Scott Spiezio, Kelly Dransfeldt, Billy Petrick, Zack Petrick,
    Jacob Goebbert, Jeff Query, & Dez Clark... Chicago Cubs, Bears, & Blackhawks

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    Thanks for the great replies...

    gojacks- In addition to those that you got back... the following have also been pretty good signers...

    Christian Yelich
    Mike Zunino
    Jameson Taillon
    Taijuan Walker
    Kyle Zimmer
    Archie Bradley
    Bubba Starling
    Carlos Martinez
    Matt Barnes
    Oswaldo Arcia
    Andrew Heaney
    Casey Kelly
    Max Fried
    Lance McCullers

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    I sent to all 100 of the top 100 prospects. Thanks for the list though.

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