CARD CAN BE VIEWED IN THE LINK BELOW! I know this comes out of the Heroes of the Game magazine series, and that it has been cut from an uncut sheet. It is the diamond version which I believe to be VERY limited (like 150 copies or less). I was just wondering if anybody knew of a book value for it, or if anyone knew any other info about it. There is one in someone's ebay store right now graded lower than this by TFA grading for $999.00. Now I'm a realist, I know that's probably a loudacris price, but I checked the completed ebay auctions, and the entire magazine that this card comes from sold for $157.00 earlier this month. This makes me believe that my $11.00 investment might be a good one. That's right, I paid $11.00 for this at a small sportscard shop in our local mall that is going out of business. I just bought it on a whim. Well there's the story, hopefully somebody could tell me what it's really worth. CARD CAN BE VIEWED IN THE LINK BELOW!