I am looking for any and all gameused and autos i can get for 1.00-1.50 each..

I have $50.00 paypal right now and another 100 on the way as i just sold some of my old knex and lego sets on ebay..

Please let me know what you have for sale in this range.. I will take all sports (basbeall, basketball and football) and if you have other sports ill take hockey and racing wrestling ect..

I am also looking to rack up my credit card through paypal if you can accept cc payments.. If not and i run out of funds i can also pay by personal check and just wait for it to clear your bank before you ship my cards to me..

If you can list the condition of the cards your selling as well that would be great.. I know some stuff for 1.00-1.50 has creases and stuff and its understandable.. Just like to be told before i get them in the mail and find out for my self..

Thanks Alot and help me out please..