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    Looking for custom graphics?!? LOOK INSIDE!

    I am offering to create custom one of a kind pictures for people looking for anything from a bannner sig to a 8X10 photo to get signed by somone. All work is completely my work, i use resources from the internet (Ie stocks, text, renders) to make it 100% original for your liking. There is nothing i won't do, just ask.

    Pricing will range from $2 and up depending on what you are looking for (Remember it's going to take a time and effort from me to make this). YOU WILL PREVIEW THE GRAPHIC before PAYING, i will watermark the graphic and send you a copy, to make sure you are satified with what you are going to purchase.

    All graphics will be sent to you via email, it will be your responsibility to have the graphic printed if you desire as.

    Here is a few links to some of my past work, take a look if you want something done fill out the request form below and send me a pm. I will respond within 24 hours (most times right away)and give you a pricing and we can work from there. Nothing will be over $10 for the most part and will give you a deal if you desire more than 1.

    My photobucket:

    My girlfriends photobucket:

    Our shared acct:

    Request Form

    Person of Interest:
    What are you looking for(Banner sig, Wallpaper, Custom picture, etc.)?:
    Size you are looking for:
    Further Details:


    DnJcards :)

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    We've done deals on car in the past, so I certainly wanted to come to you about a banner. I'd love to get one Andrew Shaw related. Maybe something with just two or three pics and his name, or something like that.

    Im a really big fan of the Clemente one you made that's earlier in this thread.

    Supercollecting Andrew Shaw 73% w/ 1/1s (141/194 cards) or 87% w/o 1/1s listed in SCF inventory as of 2/9/17 ; Jedd Gyorko in WVU uniform; vintage Champ Car/Indy 500 cards.
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    These look awesome.
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    PC's: Martin Brodeur, Ed Belfour, Jhonas Enroth, Marc-Andre Fleury, Carey Price

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