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Thread: Is this real???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly Fan 5064 View Post
    do u guys think this is real?

    and is it worth the $?

    When in doubt, walk away from it :)
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    Pretty hard to validate authenticity on items like that. I know the Doc signs alot for fans and it is not too likely someone is going to be selling forgeries at $20. It's not really a big risk for you and it really depends on whether you believe it is real
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    Yeah...In my opinion it is a fake. I have seen hundreds of the docs autographs and the E NEVER loops like that. Just my opinion, but good call walking away.
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    I agree with the others. I would pass. good call.
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    Guys do you read the dates on these posts before you respond? He made his decision 12 days ago.
    I trade by BV so please don't reference EBAY.

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    Your funny Jsokol...That makes your reply even more ridiculous.......Following up on a ridiculously late comment...silly you!
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