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Thread: Davey O'Brien Autograph

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    Davey O'Brien Autograph

    I was pricing some on ebay and although I'm not looking to purchase one now, I'd like to get a Davey O'Brien autographed something at some point.

    There was only like 6 autographed Davey O'Brien autographs up for sale on ebay. I didn't know his autograph was that rare. Also his autograph price range was like $900-$2000.

    Question (Since I am still kind of a n00b to Collecting) Is there any other website that I might find more autographs of Davey O'Brien for sale, or is ebay usually it?.....and for the more experienced collectors or people that know price ranges, is $900-$2000 THE normal price range for a Davey O'Brien autograph. It seems steep to me, but I don't know...

    Thanks for any help/advice!

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    That is a pretty rare autograph and does command that kind of price, especially since there won't be too many more (legit) auto's from him produced anymore. :)~

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