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Thread: Couple of pulls form today ft

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    Couple of pulls form today ft

    2005 Honors Klye Orton Bears 203/750
    2005 Honors Terrence Murphy Packers 249/750

    Looking for 49ers or Oakland A's or 2003 Playoof Honors ROOKIES

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    Dont have any more game used. But I have 2 nice Zenith Spellbound cards of Steve Young. I like the Murphy.

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    Sorry not interested plus I have a box on the way of the Zenith

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    Ah, if I were you, Id sell the Zenith. I absolutey HATED that product. I just think its not worth the money. And all my decent cards, were very very damaged.

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    Yeah thats what I been hearing wish I would have known before i bought my box

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    Well, I wish you the best of luck on it. Pm me with your findings.

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    Also got this in a pack today. 2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars Rookie Checklist Frank Gore / Alex Smith.

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