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Thread: Samsdad IP thread

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    Samsdad IP thread

    Hi New Member here and I appreciate any leads or advice. My 11 year old has taken up my old hobby. I will back date some of our other successes from this season as I find appropriate. But here is a review of the current Braves Hoemstand that ended today:

    Braves v Blue Jays AND Alumni Weekend:
    Phil Niekro on a Ball in Black Ball Point
    Dale Murphy on a 83 Topps All Star card in Blue Sharpie
    Leo Mazzone
    Jeff Tradway
    Craig Skok

    Omar Vizquel on a Topps

    Missed Bautista by guessing on the wrong side of the dugout. Darn

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    Turner Field 6/10 for the Blue Jays v Braves:

    Sam got:

    Buck Martinez 1/1
    John Farrell 1/1- Both Farrell and Martinez were on Topps Blue Jay team cards as Sam "forgot" the Buck Martinez cards I had.......
    Colby Rasmus 3/4- One got smudged by rain-- I would be grateful for advice on keeping drying methods and/or keeping cards dry while queueing up. We have our cards in a large sketch book mounted with photo corners. We switch out the cards when a new team comes to town. It was raining/misting most of the pregame and this was the first time we experienced this.
    Brandon Morrow 3/3
    Jason Frasor 1/1

    All in Blue Sharpie

    also signing today but we either missed or did not have cards for them to sign:
    Darren Oliver
    Omar Vizquel
    Chad Beck
    David Cooper
    Casey Janssen
    Mike McCoy

    all the above was during batting practice
    Edwin Encarnaccion 1/1 after the game as he knew some people and was hanging out for a bit

    In reagrds to not having cards, we have seen some collectors using a 4X6 color photo of a ball on the sweet spot. Anyone else seen/do this or have other thoughts?

    Janssen did toss Sam a ball and Omar vizquel had Sam do a dance for one between innings. He was not impressed by Sam's dancing and his Latin mother is horrified by his effort, but Omar gave him a ball anyway....Yankees are in next and we are not very optimistic at all.

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    6/11-Day 4 of the homestand, day 3 for us and most important game one of NY Yankees at Atl Braves

    Andy Pettitte
    Andruw Jones- he chose to sign his Rangers card for some reason....

    missed but saw signing:
    Robby Cano
    Mark texeria
    Dan uggla
    Corey guerin

    Unconfirmed rumor that Jeter signed a few before entering the stadium

    Have tickets again for tomorrow, we shall see how it goes.

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    6/12 Day 5 of homestand 4th day for us:
    Yankees v Braves Night two:

    Curtis Granderson - 09 Upper Deck on the Tigers
    Dale Murphy- 85 Topps All Star
    Joe Giradi- 09 Topps Mgr Card- After saying no, politely last night and tonight, he called Sam over and Signed for him only. Sam was Psyched.

    Seen signing in VIP batting practice: Robbie Cano, ARod, and Craig Kimbrell very light Yankee signing today.

    Someone told me Hank Aaron signed outside before the game today, which I understand is a rarity.

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    6/13- Braves v Yankees: Homestand game 6 our 5th

    Pregame-Braves Side:
    Joe Giradi 1/1 Topps Card and posed for a photo with Sam, I will post it as soon as I upload.
    Brett Gardner 2/2 Topps Cards and Posed for a photo with Sam, I will post as soon as I upoad- My son's favorite player and the reason we were waiting on the Braves side, we heard he was driving himself in and walking in on this side. Worth every minute wait for it in Sam's eyes
    Tommy Hanson 2/2 One Topps Cards and Gwinnett Braves Prospect Card, I understand that it is not typical for him to sign. But he did not pitch this series....
    Johnny Venters Topps Card and a Braves Team Ball He is working on
    Livan Hernandez 1/1 Topps Card (Gold) ( Wish we had our 97 Marlins stuff )
    Dale Murphy ROMLB with 82, 83 NL MVP noted, and a Topps Card
    Don Sutton 2/2 Topps pitching leader cards from my old collection. One has Jim Palmer on it too so we are going to try to get him this weekend when the Orioles come.

    Missed but Heard:
    CC Sabathia signed on the Yankees Side
    Rafeal Soriano came in after we left at 3:45 on the Braves Side but did sign

    Inside the stadium-Batting Practice
    Curtis Granderson- ROMLB, not on the SS

    Saw signing but Missed-
    Derek Jeter- someone commented that he signed on get away day two years ago here too..Perhaps this is a trend on the road?
    Arod- took one black sharpie and signed about twenty items including balls some people were dissappointed to get that.
    CC- A few in the VIP section
    Cano- in VIP

    After the game on the Braves Side:
    Joe Simpson- 3/3 84? Topps, Fleer and Donruss
    Yet one more Dale Murphy on a Topps. He might be the nicest guy ever....

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    6/15 Braves v Orioles Game One, Game 7 of homestand our 6th
    Not much going on on the Braves side today pregame,

    Don Sutton took a picture with Sam ( I will post when I upload) and signed a ROMLB with HOF 98 on the SS

    We saw Terry Pendelton and Jonny Venters sign but had nothing for him.
    Heard the Orioles side was very strong. But there was no sighting of Jim Palmer or Nick Markakis both very sought after by the crowd.

    Batting Practice:

    Sam and I got seperated and I got him Jake Arrieta on a roster and Adam Jones on a ROMLB but it was side panel
    Then Sam got
    Wilson Betemit 3/3-'06,'09,'11 Topps
    JJ Hardy- 1/1 '09 Topps
    Nick Johnson 1/1 '10 Topps ( and took a photo)
    Matt Weiters '09 IL Prospects cards and a ROMLB on the Sweet spot
    Steve Pearce 2/2 '09 and '10 Topps
    Kevin Gregg 1/1 '11 Topps
    Adam Jones ROMLB personalized on the sweet spot.

    Obviously a terrific day. First time this homestand the crowd was limited and this was a big factor.

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    6/16 Game Two of Orioles v Braves: Game 8 of homestand our seventh.
    Ran a little behind today and dropped Sam off at 1:10 on the Orioles side and there were probably 15 collectors there.
    Weiters was signing as we pulled up and this was big as we had a new 8X10 of him and Pedro Strop that we wanted to get signed. Personally, I thought 6+ hours before game time was early having a night game the night before but he was there.

    Mike Bordick came by next, Sam had him sign a generic Orioles topps card, as he did not know who he was but someone said he was an HOFer. He must be an Orioles HOFEr (this means Palmer is not here but we did realize that at the time....) oh well.....

    Next came:
    Jake Arrieta 2/2- '11 Topps and a '10 IL card
    Tommy Hunter 1/1- '10 Topps ( He also commented if it were not for two little kids that were about 6 years old that were there he never would have come over)
    Jim Johnson- '10 UD and posed for a picture with Sam
    Brain Roberts 2/2 and 1/1 -'09, '10,'11 Topps cards I got one and Sam asked for and got two signed
    Pedro Strop 1/1 on the picture we had with Weiters. We took a picture with him and will bring to him tomorrow

    Also signing today but we missed or did not have stuff for:
    Nick Johnson
    Steve Pearce
    Kevin Gregg
    Wilson Betemit

    and I might be forgeting someone.

    The Orioles are signing very well this year according to the people out there and were not this good last year. Sam has a collecting buddy coming down from Chattanooga around 8 am. Ugh.
    No Adam Jones sighting so perhaps he came very early? Again no Jim Palmer, but now that I looked up Bordick , I know that he and Palmer alternate.

    Missed but heard was signing On the Braves side pregame
    Bobby Cox signed, albeit as BCox as he is known to do on the street.
    Jonny Venters for the third time in three games
    Don Sutton

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    6/17- Last game of the big homestand- Orioles at Braves Turner Field
    Pregame- Orioles Side

    Matt Weiters - ROMLB SS
    Endy Chavez- '06 Topps, he is on DL but has been with them all weekend. Signed all weekend too, Sam did not have a card of his but a Chattanooga buddy gave him one.
    Kevin Gregg- '12 Topps
    Nick Johnson-'09 Topps

    Seen signing but missed or did not have anything for them:

    O's side:

    Jim Pressley
    Jim Johnson
    Steve Tolleson
    Ron Gant on Braves side

    Inside Batting Practice:

    Brian Matusz- '11 Topps ( first time seeing him sign) he ignored two requests for pictures.

    Seen signing but did not have something or missed:
    Braves side:
    Tim Hudson
    Tommy Hanson

    Steve Pearce
    Tommy Hunter
    John Russell

    All in all an unbelievalby succesful homestand and it will be tough to be better.

    47 cards
    an 8X10
    ROMLB by Adam Jones ( 2)
    Brett Gardner
    Curtis Granderson
    Matt Weiters (2)
    Dale Murphy
    Don Sutton
    and a couple of adds to a team ball he is working on.

    Looking forward to the next homestand:
    Diamondbacks, Cubs and Nationals.
    I will review our last Nationals visit soon.

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    great autos! any chance any of these are on 2012 topps heritage? lmk.

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    Do Niekro or Murphy work with the team or were they just there?

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