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    Quote Originally Posted by BPensyl125 View Post
    What are the posters like? Are they specific to one team?
    Nope one SEC legend for each school honored this year all on one poster, with painted portraits. Its toobig to scan I will try to take a picture to upload.

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    Magic would be sick! My wife met him 20 years ago and I probably still have the pic! I will look out for the open practices as I was only banking on A fan fest type atmosphere. Obviously MState needs to make it. But whoever gets in I will watch for Alumni. Thanks for the tip
    Quote Originally Posted by Autofreak2842 View Post
    Not sure how much different security and stuff will be. But I went to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 in Phoenix this past March and made a killing. I went to the open practices and got easy pickings. Tom Izzo, Billy Donavan, Peyton Siva, Jae Crowder, Draymond Green, as well as a couple NBA legends in Reggie Miller and Magic Johnson. I'm sure you guys will do well if you guys try the Final 4. I'm hoping to go to it in 2014 when it's in Dallas.

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    Roddy White made an appearance at Lunch time today it was sponsered by Boost Mobile at an outdoor venue in 40-50 degree weather. Given the conditions and time, it was not well attended maybe 100 people total. They wanted to give away 300 lunches as the promotion, but most people there wanted signatures. After passing out a few lunches, people started asking if he would sign as well, he did, sometimes one item sometimes multiple seems it was how you asked. He was nice and very engaging, just kind of silly to put him in a lunch truck to give away food, Boost Mobile did cut a check to his foundation though which is cool.
    Roddy White 1/1, 1/3- I got a jersey signed first time through, Looks great. Waited on line for a second round he only signed one 8X10 saying he had signed pictures for me 10 minutes prior. Kind of odd, but I thanked him nonetheless, and got my lunch and decided I was cold enough and went back to work.

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    Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks
    Phillips Arena
    Sat Dec 22, 2012

    With the Falcons playing at 8:30 and No Derrick Rose AND being the weekend before the holiday, I felt this would be a great opportunity to hit up the Bulls. Especially since there was a $15 ticket special. I also was curious to see what a Saturday game was like as we have never done a Saturday Night.

    I got there as gates opened and was the first at our spot. Richard Hamilton was working out and event hough he is not playing right now due to injury, he was working hard, Luol Deng was out there too. He had a really rough night the evening before against the Knicks, so he was more stretching than working out. By the time they cleared us out there were 30-40 people there. As a comparision there is less than 10 people when we are there during the week.

    Luol Deng- (2/2)- 12-13 Panini Prizm ( these are pretty cool) 12-13 Panini Threads
    Marquis Teague (2/2)- 8X10, we are working on a prep star photo from 2 years ago with 6 players Brad Beal, Quincy Miller, Anthony Davis, MKG, Austin Rivers, and Marquis. We have Teague, Beall, and Miller so far.
    Richard Hamilton ( 1/2)- 12-13 panini Hoops

    Nazr Mohammed signed but I did not have anything for him
    Joaqim Noah signed but skipped me and signed mostly for Kids, Sam was not there so I was SOL. No complaints from me if a player signs for kids only.
    Taj Gibson said he could not sign tonight, not sure if he usually does.

    Nobody asked Ed Pickney to sign I wish I had some 'Nova stuff. Next time.

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    carry around some index cards
    Hidden Content

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    Did you prep the Prizm and how did it turn out? I've been thinking about getting some of them signed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadshot View Post
    Did you prep the Prizm and how did it turn out? I've been thinking about getting some of them signed.
    yup, baby powder. They are nice. I will try to scan one

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    Craig Kimbrell made an appearance at a Local car distributor. He met us each in a private room, hung out, and answered questions. Incredibly friendly and engaging.
    we got:
    2 8X10's signed, one with my daughter that we had taken at another signing and a picture with Oflarety and Venters that we will now work on getting all three.
    8 of 9 cards, we gave one to a kid behind us,\:
    2012 Topps Update All star card
    2011 Topps Heritage
    2012 Topps Rookie Saves Record card
    2012 Topps Regular X 2 (#20)
    2012 Topps Rookie All team X2 (#87)
    2010 Minor League Prospects

    And we were given three Hawks tickets for tonight v pacers, update on that after the game

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