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Thread: Ickey woods auto helmet

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    Ickey woods auto helmet

    Hey I just bought this off ebay been looking for one for a long time.usally only buy jsa or psa but its tristar Hope its real never realy heard about this company are they trusted opnions?? paid $40 for it guy was my fav player as a kid...
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    Yea Tristar is a trusted company. They make their own hobby boxes, I think helmet was from their mini helmet series where you get 1 random signed mini helmet, I know they do that with baseballs.

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    I have met and got auto's from Ickey a few times and that sig looks dead on. Ickey is a pretty cool guy if you ever get the chance to meet him in person, he actually gave me his phone number once because he liked the item I was getting signed and wanted me to make some for him.

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