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    Super Collector Criteria & Application - Set Collectors

    Welcome to the SCF Football Super Collector Hall of Fame Forums

    To become a Football Super Collector Hall of Famer, you must provide the numbers and breakdown of your collection and meet the following requirements for the classification you are applying. Please apply using the application form provided at the end of this document.

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    Set Collection Applications must meet the following

    To apply for and reach Set Super Collector status, you have a few ways of entering.

    #1- Completed Master Set
    If you have completed an entire master set, (this means having the entire set, and 1 level of inserts and parallels). We will not accept master sets that have under 200 cards in quantity, or that do not have various insert/parallel sets. In addition, a complete checklist must be submitted, as well as pictures featuring more prominent cards.

    #2- Multiple Year Collectors
    If you are loyal to a specific brand and collect multiple sets of a current brand, you may also be eligible to apply for Super Collector Status. Purchasing boxed sets do not apply. 4 years or more are the minimum requirement of complete sets of base/rookie sets of a particular brand to apply. For example, if a member wants to apply to be a SPx Super Collector. They must have at least 4 years of Base/Rookie sets completed to be considered. Checklists are required, as well as pictures of the sets.

    *All Set Collectors are subject to Football Team approval, we reserve the right to accept or reject any entries if we will for whatever reason the set is to easy to complete or their are certain parallels preventing total completion.


    With all of these ways of becoming a Super Collector, we do have some restrictions before you can be accepted.

    #1- You, the member, must be in good standing with SCF. Must Send First members will have a hard time achieving this status unless you are new to the site. Stay in good standing on SCF to enjoy all the perks we have to offer.

    #2- If applying for a player collection, your player must have completed his rookie season, and 2nd season of cards must be started to be produced.

    #3 - Post Count - You must have 300 posts on SCF or more to apply to the SCF Super Collector Program.

    Final Comments

    We realize these requirements are a lot, and hard to reach. We also realize everyone has different budgets to put into their card collections, as well as depending where you are in your life the amount of time you can put into a collection. We also feel that getting a list and knowing the information we are asking should be something a Super Collector should be seeking to know about their collection anyway. If you do not meet these numbers, it does not mean you aren't a great collector of that player/team/set. However, we have set these numbers to be a challenge to reach, and so that not anyone can get the title of Super Collector.

    The Sports Manager of the site and the Football team will decide on all applications.

    General posts will not be accepted, give us the information we ask for, or you will not accepted

    You may re-apply if you are denied. However, if you are denied, you are not able to re-apply until a month after you were denied. Build your collection bigger and better and come back! This is not a title we are going to be giving out, if you are denied, you are denied. Sending PM's declaring why you think you are a super collector, or simply because you have the best collector of that player you are aware of do not mean anything. Enjoy and Have Fun with this!

    Lastly, if you give incorrect numbers to the point of blatantly lying or copy images from others, you will be suspended and/or banned.

    *SCF Staff reserve the right to waive any requirements if a significant enough reason is provided to bypass any requirement. PM's welcome.

    If you feel that your collection meets all of the criteria listed here, please submit your player collector applications in this form:

    Instead of player name, enter the set collected in the appropriate field.

    Lastly, please read this SCF Article explaining what a Super Collector is. If that sounds like you, we want to see your application!

    If you have any questions, please contact myself or WVColtsfan via PM. Please do not post your applications/questions in this forum.

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