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    Newbie here...First Customs. ..

    Hey folks! I'm new to the forum fresh off the farm! I did a few customs. Wanted everyone's opinion. These are cards that i wished had of existed but didn't. So i made them. Also..Was looking for some printing tips like type of paper stock to double side print. I would love to send some of these off and see if i could get them signed. Maybe send a spare to the player and see how they like them? Anyway..have a look and feel free to critique!
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    I have some more..I'll put them on PhotoBucket since you are limited with uploads here.

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    Cool! Welcome to the addiction!
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    Quote Originally Posted by size17shoes View Post
    I dont see your custom design
    not really a custom design..just some cards i wished had existed of players that don't.

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    Just wanted to pass along my experience . . . I had been using double-sided matte paper to print the cards front and back, but it was not as "shiny" and clear as glossy, which I could not find in a "double-sided" stock.

    I ended up doing the following: I print the photos on separate glossy photo sheets (I use 4 X 6) . . . I have set-up a template that does two 2.5 X 3.5 cards on each 4 X 6 print . . . I have centered the cards on the template, so that on one sheet, I print the front of the card, and on the second sheet I print the back of the card, and they are aligned to the center of the sheet . . .

    I then adhere them together using a glue stick that is REPOSITIONABLE . . . the glue does not dry immediately, since it is repositionable, and this allows me to line-up the two cards by their edges . . . since the cards have been centered on the sheet before being printed, they are aligned . . . I then let the glue dry and cut them with a guillotine-cutter . . .

    I struggled with double-sided printing for several years, and this method produces the best results . . . when you start, you can also do just one image per page, to get the "feel of it," but make sure the image is centered on the page . . . that will ensure the FRONT and BACK of the card align when you glue them together . . .

    Hope this helps!
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    from my experience putting a fold in the middle makes one side a little wonkie but what i found worked was adhesive photo paper(8.5x11) fits 8-9 per sheet and cut both out and attach them to the promo cards put in packs by panini or topps.

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    Super cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

    God bless,


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