time for me to put this up again. some may have already been sold however
86/87 fleer set includes stickers, plus psa 8 drexler, psa 8 malone, psa 8 olajuwon, psa 8 jordan, sgc 88 dumars
87/88 fleer set plus stickers
88/89 set including stickers
90/91 panini sticker set and book
91/92 panini sticker set and book
92/93 panini sticker set
93/94 panini sticker set and book
95/96 panini sticker set and book
92/93 tsc members only set with coa
79/80 topps set
81/82 topps set
93/94 finest set
94/95 finest series 2 set
95/96 finest series 1 set
96/97 finest set bronze 1 and 2
97/98 finest set
98/99 finest set series 2
98/99 metal heavy metal xplosion incomplete set (this is the metal cards that came out, I attempted to piece it together, but I ended quiting collecting)
98 topps golden greats pocket replays set (this is a moving image set, 18 cards in the set)
97/98 ud diamond vision signature moves set (missing sprewell)
92/93 topps set (includes a spattering of topps golds cards in amongst them)
93/94 topps set (includes a spattering of topps golds cards in amongst them)
92/93 fleer set
93/94 fleer set
93/94 ud pro-view
92/93 ud mcdonalds national set
97 ud nestle crunch time set
93/94 ud se set (contains some electric court inserts)
94/95 ultra set
92/93 ultra series 2 set
91/92 hoops set
92/93 hoops series 2 set
90/91 hoops set (includes error versions of tom chambers- g/f, Kevin Johnson- g/f, john sundvold variations)
93/94 hoops set (includes hoops gold parallel cards, plus series 2 is complete hoops gold set also has insert cards mb1, dr1)
92/93 ud set (includes shaq trade card 1, 1a, 1b, 32a, 32, 33a, 33, )
94/95 sp set
92/93 ud all star weekend set (available only to dealers)
95/95 topps gallery set
93/94 skybox set
92/93 skybox series 2 set
93/94 tsc set
94/95 tsc series 2 set
95/96 tsc series 2 set
97/98 ex2001 set
98/99 ex century set
90 hoops 100 superstars set (yellow border, sold through sears)
91 hoops 100 superstars (goldish border, sold through sears)
91/92 hoops mcdonalds (this is the national set, does not include the 8 card bulls regional set)
92 skybox usa set
94 skybox usa set
96 pro stamps (sticker set looks like stamps)
93/94 ud set
91/92 skybox Canadian minis set
93 action packed hall of fame series 2 set
92 classic college (shaq yr)
93 classic college (webber yr, Adonis Jordan signed card)
91/92 fleer set
91/92 ud inaugural edition set (comes in wooden box, complete with all inserts #2616/3000)
95/96 topps series 2 set
90/91 skybox set
89/90 hoops set (robinson rookie)
91/92 skybox set
99/00 topps gallery set

they r all for sale. i no longer collect so i dont have any real use for trades, unless ur trading something so hot that i can immediately turn it around and sell it for cash.