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    great Xmas pulls got a large box of 300 sp's esp. Yankees fans come in some f/t

    I got these yesterday when I got three boxes:
    box #1: 2004 Playoff Absolute memoribilia pulls:
    Craig Biggio TOTT quad laundry tag/patch/bat/shoe/auto 5/5 (1/1)!!!
    Sammy Sosa TOTT black 1/1!!!!
    Magglio Ordonez TOTT trple patch/bat/shoe with plastic pieces 7/10!!!
    Keith Hernandez auto/jersey/bat /100 (ok pull)
    Adam Dunn dual, Glavine Dual, rookie auto of IDK who

    box #2: 2005 Sweet Spot (not classic) pulls:
    Adrian Beltre and Joe Mauer jerseys not #ed
    Randy Johnson auto ball 39/75!!!!!!!!

    box #3: SP Legendary Cuts pulls:
    Paul Moliter bat and Luis Apparicio jersey
    Bruce Sutter 1/1 auto platinum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 1/1's are my first true 1/1 pulls. i have gotten many 5/5 and 1/5's but those are my first true 1/1's and tehy are cubs players on top of that. It can't get any better than that.

    Also on my large box of about 300 SP's I got about 20 yankees ones ranging from whitey ford to jeter to arod. But list what you like and I will try to help you out. SP's re about 1.50-3.00 each. the 3.00 ones are the ones #ed to 50 but even soem of those are about 2/50 dlvd. Thanks and what did you guys get on your Christmas pulls, special buys etc...

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    Magglio Ordonez TOTT trple patch/bat/shoe with plastic pieces 7/10!!!

    intrested in this lmk...some nice pulls

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    jaybiddyforeal: I am not interested 2 of my best pulls and they are not f/t. They are both future HOF'ers.

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    What Jeters did you pull? By the way, NICE PULLS!!!!---walter

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    I got 2 jeter sp's and about 20-25 Yankee sp's also a lot fo yankee gu and autos!! I will pm you with a list!!

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    be back in an hour guys and DJ_2 i sent u a PM with like 25 cards (took me a long time since I don't have my sp's listed :() its fine.....
    Thanks a lot


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