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After a long break I am back to the grind. I am contemplating doing a January card show and want to move a lot of the items on my page. I have something for everyone! Here is a sampling:

Blalock, Hank '04 Topps All-Star Stitches Jersey #ASR-HB
Blalock, Hank '05 Bowman Game Bat
Clemens, Roger '02 UD Sons of Summer Jersey #SS-RC
Clemens, Roger 'Donruss World Series October Heroes Jersey #'d/100 #OH-17
Johnson, Randy '04 Fleer in-Scribed Names of the Game Jersey (2-color) #'d/250
Jones, Andrew & Chipper Jones '02 Playoff Piece of the Game Team Connections dual jersey #'d 50/50 (Braves)
Jones, Andruw '03 Donruss Gamers Jersey #'d/100 (Braves)
Jones, Andruw '03 Flair Power Tools Game Bat (#'d/500) (Braves)
Jones, Andruw '04 Donruss Leather & Lumber Jersey #'d/250
Jones, Andruw '05 Donruss Studio Diamond Cuts Game Bat (Braves)

Carter, Vince '01 Fleer Great of the Game Feel the Game Jersey
Carter, Vince '01-02 Flair Courting Greatness Floor
Carter, Vince '01-02 Fleer Marquee We're #1 Jersey
Carter, Vince '02-03 Fleer Showcase Legacy Collection Jersey
Jamison, Antawn '98-99 Sage Silve Auto (#'d/370)
Nowitzki, Dirk '03-04 Skybox Autographics Jersey BLUE (#'d/260)

Burress, Plaxico ’02 Fleer Box Score Yard Markers Jersey x2
Burress, Plaxico ’03 Fleer Focus Shirtified Jersey (#’d/75)
Burress, Plaxico ’03 Fleer Showcase Showcase Grace Jersey
McGahee, Willis '03 Donruss Gridiron Kings Royal Expectations Jersey x2
McGahee, Willis ’03 Fleer Avant RC (not GU) (#’d/699)
McGahee, Willis '03 SP Signature Edition #112 RC (not GU) (#'d/750) $20
McNabb, Donovan '00 Pacific Vanguard Jersey #7
McNabb, Donovan '03 Fleer Ticket Studs Jersey
McNabb, Donovan '04 Playoff Hogg Heaven Hogg of Fame Jersey #'d/150
McNabb, Donovan ’04 Skybox LE RED (#’d/50) (not GU)
Maddux, Tommy & Brian St. Pierre '03 SP Signature Ed. Dual Auto #'d/95 (Steelers)
Moss, Randy '00 Vanguard Jersey #3
Moss, Randy '03 Flair Canton Calling Jersey
Moss, Randy '03 Flair Canton Calling Jersey PATCH 3-color
Moss, Randy ’03 Playoff Hogg Heaven Hogg of Fame Jersey (#’d/125)
Moss, Randy '04 Fleer Mystique Playmakers Jersey GOLD #'d/100
Moss, Randy '04 Playoff Hogg Heaven Material Hoggs Jersey #'d/150
Moss, Randy ’04 Topps Pristine Fantasy Favorite Jersey #FF-RM
Palmer, Carson ’03 Fleer Mystique Blue Die-Cut RC (NON-GU) (#’d/350) #120
Palmer, Carson '03 Topps All-Amerrican Fabric of America Jersey
Palmer, Carson '03 UD Honor Roll Dean's List Jersey Grey Border #'d/200
Palmer, Carson ’04 Reflections Focus on the Future Jersey
Tarkenton, Fran '03 Leaf Limited Limited Threads Dual Jersey/Autograph #'d/100

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There are better cards on my site, and more cards of the above players. I just pasted a sampling in this post to give you some idea of the things available. I have close to 1,000 GU/Autos, all sports, and a wide variety for wants (my want list on my site is not up to date, so if I have things you need please e-mail me and I'll find something). It will probably take a good auto to land my good autos, and either a patch or auto to land my patches and the nicer patches are traded at above bv (for either you or me).

So please check out my site and lmk if I have anything that interests you. I prefer larger trades and I prefer to look over trade lists/sites you have. For example, I can trade for Gu/Autos of any past Tenn Vols FB player for another trader; however, that is not a high priority for me personally. Plenty of references available. Thanks for the read!

By the way, this post goes out to a lot of sites. If you want a faster reply, please e-mail me. I do not always get onto some of the boards I post this to and do not always see posted replies. My CTF members need not worry--your replies automatically come to me via e-mail.

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